Industrial Axial Fans for all Facilities

While Moffitt has always specialized in natural ventilation, we don’t hesitate to recommend factory exhaust fans when necessary. With over 50 years of experience with industrial fan and industrial ventilation, we can find the help you find the perfect ventilation solution. The powered ventilation series includes a complete line of axial fans. Moffitt provides the best selection of industrial axial fans including rooftop exhaust fans, wall fans, upblast fans, and tube fans on the market today.

Hooded Roof Fans

Model H roof fan image

Look at the rooftop of any industrial building and you will see a hooded roof fan. Hooded roof fans move a lot of air while producing little noise and using little power. The watertight, overlapping seams and heavy gauge materials help prevent leakage.

Model H hooded roof axial fans are available with direct drive motors while model 8300 fans come with belt drive motors. Both are available with blades as small as 12″ and as large as 120″. These fans can fit almost any roof type and at any capacity required. Furthermore, optional stainless-steel construction ensures that they can withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Industrial Axial Fans – Wall

Wall Box Fan - Model H

Industrial Axial Wall Fans are extremely popular for general building ventilation. They can be used in both commercial and industrial applications and can be positioned to provide supply or exhaust. The key benefit of the Moffitt Model 7100 and 7300 fans is that they are both standardized and customizable. They can be designed to match any needs you may currently have while also providing what you know and expect out of a wall fan. A small crew can install these fans in a matter of hours. Wall axial fans have both direct and belt drive options.

Industrial Axial Fans – Upblast Fans

Upblast fan + axial fan

Upblast fans are especially useful in areas with hot, stagnant air. They move the stifling air out of a small space and provide general ventilation in almost any area. Their chief benefit is that they can remove a lot of air at a fast pace. These types of fans work best in kitchens, workshops, and other smaller, enclosed areas. These axial fans are fully contained in a drum housing. Upblast fans are available in sizes ranging from 24″ to 120″.

Tube Axial Fans

Model TB tube axial fan with belt drive motor

Moffitt tube axial fans, model TA-1000 and TA-2000, have fan wheels located in cylindrical tubes and come without dampers to ensure maximum air flow. They are useful in commercial buildings as well as general building HVAC. These units have either a direct drive motor or a belt drive. Additionally, they come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Moffitt Powered Ventilation Fans

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial axial fans as well as all our product lines. Our experienced ventilation design team can help you find the right industrial fan for your facility. Once you see the quality of our equipment, you’ll understand why Moffitt has been Ventilation’s Natural Solution Since 1961.