Moffitt Fan Corporation 20th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Moffitt Fan

Moffitt Fan Corporation celebrates its 20th Anniversary this month. For two decades Moffitt Fan Corporation has been manufacturing industrial ventilation equipment including natural ventilators, wall louvers, fans, and more from their 50,000 square foot facility in LeRoy, NY. They have provided equipment for hundreds of projects over the years including products for steel mills, power plants, factories and more.

Moffitt Fan was established to produce fans and other specialty products, such as the MoffittVent, for sister company Moffitt Corporation of Jacksonville, FL. Founded in 1961 Moffitt Corporation designs, fabricates, sells, and installs industrial ventilation equipment. The Le Roy, NY factory accommodated the growth in business and facilitated the increase in production. The team in New York team works closely with the team in Jacksonville Beach, FL on every project. The two companies work together fabricating custom equipment, designing ventilation systems, and engineering new products.

Factory Manager Mike Andorka has been with Moffitt Fan since day one. He was responsible for getting the plant up and running twenty years ago. Mike still oversees every project that goes through the factory doors today. He took an empty warehouse, previously used for auto parts manufacturing, and turned it into Moffitt Fan.

In addition to Mike Andorka, much of the team has also been around since the beginning. Andorka stated, “Much of the staff has been working here for eighteen, nineteen, or even twenty years. Many of the employees who came on board in the first few years are still around for the twentieth anniversary. That says a lot about the company, the team, and the people.”

Moffitt Fan Corporation of Le Roy, NY

Every day the team in Le Roy endeavors to improve its technology and products. Research & development of new fans, heaters, and ventilators has allowed the company to stay on the forefront and remain relevant in a changing world. Moffitt Fan continuously creates new products, finds new ways to use old products, and improves products.

Moffitt Fan’s sustainability looks bright as they continue to manufacture industrial ventilation equipment for Moffitt Corporation, who celebrated their 50th anniversary two years ago.

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