Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions New Logo

This year we celebrate our 55th year in business. We observe our anniversary by introducing our new Natural Solutions product line. Consequently, we also felt it was time to update our visual brand identity. For that reason, our logo, logotype, website, and branding have all received an upgrade. We have redesigned them to better highlight the strengths of Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions.

The new logo is bolder, more open, and more colorful. It better communicates Moffitt Corporation‘s commitment to natural ventilation solutions. More of an evolution than a total redesign, the latest version will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the old logo.

Moffitt Branding Refresh

The first thing you might notice is that the green oval is gone. We eliminated the “surfboard” shape to focus attention on the content inside. By eliminating the green oval, and adding color to the name and logo itself, the logotype and “swirl” shape now stand out better.

Also, the classic “Moffitt Green” is now joined by a lighter tint and a darker shade of green. The color sets the name apart from the tagline message and add value to the swirl.

Next, the “swirl” itself has undergone a bit of tweaking. It is bolder, tighter, and more unified. It is now more of an independent shape, capable of standing on its own. Reminiscent of fan blades, the swirl is made to evoke the sense of air movement more than depicting an actual fan. The highlight exterior and shaded interior add depth and evoke a sense of movement to the fan swirl shape.

Additionally, the four “fan blades” each represent one of the four pillars of the Natural Solutions message.

The Four Pillars of Moffitt Natural Solutions;

  1. Ventilation
  2. Daylighting
  3. Heat & Smoke Control
  4. Cooling

Furthermore, we updated the typography. The typeface Bebas Neue has replaced the old, stretched Arial type. We added large caps at the beginning of the words “Moffitt” and “Corporation” for emphasis. We also shrunk the tagline to improve hierarchy and further separate it from the company name. Some found the company name confusing in the old logo, and we hope that we’ve remedied it in the new one.

Finally, we also updated the tagline. We feel that it is now a better reflection of Moffitt’s core business. With a core focus on Natural Solutions, and in particular ventilation, a change to Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions was an obvious choice. Furthermore, it exemplifies the Moffitt values of energy efficiency, green energy, and cost savings.

Moffitt Natural Ventilation Solutions

In conclusion, the new logo is our first step to the new Moffitt Corporation. The new logo has been in circulation for a few months now. It seems like the relaunch of our new website is our chance to share it with the world at large. We hope you like it.