Natural Ventilation Maintenance

Keeping the Vents Working Right

Switching to a natural ventilation system can help you reduce the temperatures in your building, save enormous amounts on your energy bills, and make your building eco-friendlier. Of course, a natural ventilation system also has another incredibly special benefit: it requires no maintenance. It’s true; natural ventilation maintenance requires truly little repair or upkeep. You save not only on your energy bills but also on maintenance and service bills.

A visual inspection and light component cleaning are all that is required to ensure your natural ventilation system is running at its best. The frequency of these checks depends on several factors including the plant’s production process and whether the natural ventilators have moving parts like a damper.

In large buildings where there is a high possibility of grime, dirt and other particulates getting deposited on the components, annual inspection and cleaning are recommended. This depends on the environment and the quality of the exhausting air. Numerous factors like average wind speed, temperature, humidity and more can all affect how regularly a natural ventilator will require cleaning.

Inside Natural Ventilation

Now you may think that this sounds like a lot of natural ventilation maintenance for a system that claims to be maintenance-free. That is because when compared to fans, the upkeep required for fans is non-existent. Any fan will need regular cleaning, maintenance, and even repairs. As there are many moving parts that need attention on a regular basis, such as belts, fans, gears and motors, a lot of work must be invested to make sure everything continues to work. These components may require oiling, maintenance, and repair on a regular basis.

The very simplicity of natural ventilation, in that, it has no moving parts and relies on the natural flow of air, is what makes it hassle-free. There are no moving parts and, as a result, no belts or motors that might wear out. Furthermore, since natural ventilators are aluminum or stainless steel so they will not rust like fans.

Finally, when you look at it a natural ventilation system will require much less maintenance than a powered one. Of course, having to perform less maintenance provides several benefits in and of itself. Cost is, of course, the most obvious benefit. In a natural ventilation system, there are no worn-out gears to replace or broken belts to fix. Much less time taken out of the regular workday to maintain and/or fix the equipment. That eliminates dangerous trips to the rooftop for the staff.

Natural Ventilation Maintenance

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Natural Ventilation Maintenance