PressureStream – Modular, Customizable Wall Fans

Pressure Stream roof mounted intake fanThe PressureStream is a power ventilation unit that is used for warm air roof exhaust or cool air supply into a building. This modular, customizable wall fan can be mounted on the roof (exhaust) or in the sidewall (supply). The PressureStream is the key component for any Pressure Gravity System® and can be utilized in an array of commercial and industrial facilities. Here are some of the features, uses, and benefits of the PressureStream:

Modern Propeller Blades

The PressureStream features modern propeller blades with sophisticated airfoil shaped designs. They are made with fiber-reinforced thermoplastic with a helical twist. The unit is powered by a direct-drive motor to avoid the hassle of fan belts. Each unit utilizes a 3 HP, 1160 RPM motor capable of 20,000 CFM. Each unit is airflow performance modeled and tests are conducted in accordance with parameters of ANSI / AMCA 210-99 (ISO 5801, DIN 24163). These features ensure that the unit is able to function at maximum efficiency for an extended duration.

Durable and Strong Propeller Hubs & Housing

In addition, the propeller hubs of the PressureStream are manufactured using high-strength die-cast aluminum. The housings are made with high-quality G90 galvanized steel. These give the equipment its durability and strength. You can be assured that they will serve your industrial exhaust and power ventilation needs for many years to come.

Dampers & Screens

PressureStream dampers operate automatically. When the unit is exhausting air, the pressure of the air movement keeps the damper open. The moving air prevents animals or debris from entering. When the units are not in use, the fan turns off and the automatic dampers close without the air flow. Bird and insect screens are also sometimes used.

Product Mounting

Lastly, the PressureStream can be mounted either on the roof, with a curb, or directly into the sidewall. Duct drops can be utilized for controlled airflow and improved efficiency. This ensures the cool supply air is directly in the working environment, making the space more comfortable for employees or factory workers.

At Moffitt Corporation, we have power ventilation fans available in a wide variety of sizes and motor horsepower configurations. These units can also be designed or customized for your specific commercial or industrial application. Contact us today to learn more about our PressureStream unit and other exhaust fan equipment. No matter your power ventilation needs, Moffitt has you covered.

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