PressureStream – Modular, Customizable Wall Fans

The PressureStream line is a collection of modular, customizable power ventilation systems for warm air roof exhaust and/or cool air supply. As part of our initiative to “streamline” the ventilation buying process, our PressureStream fans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and motors to ensure you get the fan system you need.

Modern Propeller Blades

The PressureStream system features a variety of propeller blades. One popular one is the cast-aluminum, non-sparking airfoil propeller. Another specialty blade is the fiber-reinforced thermoplastic propeller blades with sophisticated airfoil shaped designs. A direct-drive motor helps you avoid the hassle of fan belts. The most common fan utilizes a 3 HP, 1160 RPM motor capable of 20,000 CFM. We test each unit for airflow performance in accordance with parameters of ANSI / AMCA 210-99 (ISO 5801, DIN 24163). These features ensure that the unit can function at maximum efficiency for an extended duration.

Durable and Strong Propeller Hubs & Housing

industrial wall fan in natural gas

Additionally, we make fan housings out of high-quality, heavy duty metal to stand up to the toughest industrial envionments. This includes materials like galvanized steel, aluminum, and even fiberglass, we can find the fanhousing to suit your building’s needs. These units will serve your industrial exhaust and power ventilation needs for many years to come.

Product Mounting

You can mount PressureStream fans directly into the sidewall. For air intake, we mount the exhaust side of the fan inward. This pushes the fresh air deep into the building. A distance equal to 5 times the diameter of the fan. I.e. a 2′ fan blade will move air 10′ into the building. This ensures the cool, clean supply air flows directly into the working environment.

On the other hand, a roof mounted PressureStream provides powerful air exahust to pull hot, dirty air out of the building. All in all, each solution results in a cooler and more comfortable space for employees or factory workers.

The Moffitt PressureStream

In conclusion, if you’re looking to “streamline” the ventilation selection process, think of the PressureStream. With our variety of ventilation fans and natural ventilators, we can help you find your new solution. Contact us today to learn more about our PressureStream system. No matter your power ventilation needs, Moffitt has you covered.