State-Of-The-Art Ventilation: Q & A

For over 55 years, Moffitt has provided Natural Ventilation Solutions for the heavy commercial and industrial markets. Now, Moffitt is bringing a new portfolio of highly engineered, state-of-the-art ventilation and smoke control products to the commercial market. Below is a Q&A to help new customers get acquainted with Moffitt, and Natural Solutions.

Q:  What types of solutions does Moffitt provide?

A:  Moffitt is the Natural Solution for cooler, safer, and healthier buildings using natural ventilation and smoke control products. Whether it’s lowering building temperatures, fire and smoke protection, or even natural daylighting, Moffitt can provide a solution for every type of building.

Q:  What is natural ventilation?

A:  Natural ventilation reduces warm air in a space by exhausting it through a roof vent. Clean, fresh air then enters the facility through inlet vents near the ground level, allowing stagnant air to turnover more frequently, and for the stifling air to exit. This leads to cooler, more comfortable buildings and, as a result, happier workers.

Q: Does that let rain get into the building?

A: These vents are specifically designed to let air through without letting rain in. Many even utilize weather protection technology to automatically close during inclement weather, ensuring maximum ventilation without the risk of water entrance.

Q:  How do Moffitt heat and smoke control ventilators work?

A:  Moffitt emergency heat and smoke control vents clear the air during a fire. When on the roof, these vents serve as an outlet for warm air and smoke. Placed near the floor, they provide a fresh air inlet to assist in a smoke exhaust ventilator. These ventilators can also be tied into an emergency smoke control system to open automatically during a fire.

Q:  Do any Moffitt products offer both natural ventilation and natural smoke control?

A:  Many of them! For example, the jalousie window provides day-to-day ventilation and natural daylighting. In the event of a fire, it provides fresh-air-inlet too. It even works when it’s cold and the vent is closed, because it can automatically open when tied into a fire system. This makes it a State-Of-The-Art ventilation, climate control, and life-safety device.

Q:  What type of buildings do the Moffitt products get specified and selected for?

A:  These sleek, low-profile ventilators are designed to look great in any building. They are selected for higher education buildings, transit centers, airports, office buildings, warehouses, and more. Architects like these units because they can fit seamlessly into a glazed surface or stand out as a statement piece. Plus, thorough testing and expert engineering ensure efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Q:  What makes Moffitt Natural Solutions products different?

A:  Moffitt Natural Solutions products provide state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous testing to ensure unmatched efficiency and reliability. Moffitt provides solutions to a wide spectrum of applications, from all-glass façade commercial buildings to the largest, heavy industrial facilities in the world.

Whether you’re an architect, engineer, or end-user, Moffitt has a State-Of-The-Art Ventilation, Natural Solution for your building.

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