Roof Vents for More Comfortable Ventilation

roof ventilator

What is Roof Ventilation?

Roof ventilation systems are designed to help improve air flow and make your building cooler and more comfortable for personnel on the work floor. This roof vent will remove humidity, smoke, and sometimes even fumes with a natural ventilation system. Employees can breathe more easily, work more efficiently, and experience fewer health problems with more comfortable ventilation after installing the roof vent at your factory.

Roof ventilators make sure that hot, dirty air has a chance to escape. Air can flow up and out of the building with a weather-protected, gravity exhaust device. This can be through a large ridge vent like the MoffittVent natural ventilator, a small turbine vent like the GreenRoo™, or through a powered exhaust device like an upblast fan. Cool, clean air replaces the hot dirty air. Intake air comes in through either wall louvers, in a natural ventilation system, or through intake wall fans in a Pressure Gravity System®.

The Benefits of Natural Roof Ventilation

The first and most important of these reasons is that workers need to be comfortable enough to work and they need clean air to breathe. Lowering room temperatures, by allowing the stifling air to evacuate, does just that. Furthermore, the roof ventilation system can also remove the bad stuff from the air like chemical residue or fumes that come from the manufacturing process. While roof ventilators are not a solution for source capture, they can be extremely helpful when it comes to byproducts that are not sufficient to cause problems with the EPA but are significant enough to be an inconvenience.

Secondly, rooftop Ventilators are also effective at reducing humidity inside of your building. High humidity inside of a facility can lead to all sorts of unpleasant situations. Compromised insulation, rusted support steel, and corroded equipment are all results of high humidity. Humidity tends to cause a variety of problems inside of an industrial facility, damaging everything it touches. Minimizing its effects, by removing the moist air from the building entirely, can prevent these problems and their associated repairs. This roof vent will make your building last longer over time.

A roof ventilator will also lead to a significant drop in operating costs. Ventilators are non-powered, natural devices. That means the roof vent works without electricity. The first few years’ worth of savings is often more than the initial cost of the system. Of course, this means that your saving energy, reducing overall power consumption and improving the “Green” standing of your building.

Work with Moffitt for More Comfortable Ventilation

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