Steel Mill Ventilation Testimonial

Watch our new video to see why Steel Mill construction manager Jim Bell chooses Moffitt ventilators for every project. Watch this Steel Mill Ventilator Testimonial and learn how Moffitt can make your plant cooler and more comfortable. Since Moffitt has been doing this for over 55 years, we’re the de facto leader in steel mill ventilation.

“In my 20 years in… Steel Mills, I haven’t put anything in besides Moffitt Ventilators”. See why loyal Moffitt customers, like construction manager Jim Bell, trust us for their industrial ventilation solutions.

This quick testimonial shows why MoffittVent ventilators and Moffitt Corporation are the top choices in the steel industry.

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Steel Mill Ventilation

Finally, thanks to Jim Bell and the entire crew at this steel mill for their help with this video.