The Moffitt Difference

You can get a ventilator anywhere, but only Moffitt will help you get a complete Natural Ventilation Solution specific to your building.

The Design Difference

Each Moffitt ventilation solution is developed using a total system approach. We look at the entire space to see how many fans (or vents, or louvers) your building really needs.

  • Ventilation system design specifically for your facility.
  • CFD Modeling for each product.
  • CFD modeling available for each proposal.
  • Durable, time-tested equipment.
  • Sixty years of designing powered ventilation solutions.
  • Product & mounting options.

The Service Difference

Moffitt offers turn-key ventilation service. In addition to designing the system, we also manufacture the equipment and install it too. This one-stop-shop streamlines the powered ventilation process.

  • Quick Delivery & Delivery Logistics Management.
  • Installation Services from Engineering Assistance to Full Contracting.
  • Inspection & Repair services for existing equipment.
Hooded Roof Exhauster

The Relationship Difference

Bill Moffitt Big Fan

With Moffitt, you don't order a fan through a website, you order it from a person. Our team works with you to find the best solution for your facility today and the down the road.

  • Each project gets a dedicated Project Coordinator (PC's).
  • PC's work with engineering, manufacturing, and installing to ensure your project is done right.
  • Years of experience with long-standing and repeat customers.
  • Performance info, specs, and comparison stats available for each product.
  • We’ll spend time on the phone, in a webinar, or making a computer model so you get the right system for your building.

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