Become a Ventilation Expert with a Lunch & Learn Seminar

Discover the benefits of Natural Ventilation without leaving the office. A Moffitt Lunch & Learn gives you the chance to discover the secrets of natural ventilation, from the natural ventilation experts. We’ve been doing this for over 60 years, so we know a thing or two.

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Ventilation

Moffitt Natural Ventilation Expert - Lunch & Learn Seminar
Ventilation Expert

We’re all familiar with the power of exhaust fans, but at Moffitt, ventilation is so much more.

A Moffitt Lunch & Learn seminar will help you see ventilation design in a whole new way. People with decades of experience, are surprised to see how simple and powerful natural ventilation really is.

We’ve held these seminars at some of the biggest engineering firms in the country. Again and again, attendees are surprised at the case studies, CFD models, and simple calculations that we show them.

Become a Natural Ventilation Expert

Each seminar covers the everything you need to know about natural ventilation. This includes the principles, the design methods, and even the math behind the process. We’ll also display an overview of the latest gravity ventilation products on the market. Further topics include more information about Moffitt, our manufacturing and installation capabilities, and examples of past customers who have been able to create better working environments with these techniques.

This program is designed for engineers of all experience levels and expertise. We’ve also held seminars for architects, corporate offices, environmental teams, and more. Basically, if you want to learn more about natural ventilation, as well as other modern ventilation design techniques, we can help.

About a Moffitt Lunch & Learn

Natural Ventilation has been the backbone of our company since 1961. Power plants, steel mills, smelters, forges, chemical plants, and paper plants can all take advantage of natural solutions. Time after time we see the impact it can have on a building’s temperature and air conditions. Customers are also happy when they find out the long-term maintenance and operating costs as well.

Each seminar lasts about an hour and are scheduled at your convenience. We’ll even do breakfast.

So, whether you have a huge office or a smaller group, you can schedule a Lunch & Learn with Moffitt today. In-house engineering teams, independent engineering firms, and even planning committees can take advantage of these seminars as well. Plus, we buy you the lunch, all you need to give up is your time.

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