Why a Moffitt Air Turnover Unit?

Improve air movement to improve temperature conditions with a Moffitt Air Turnover unit. Sometimes called an air circulator or an air rotation unit, an air turnover unit is the best way to provide more uniform temperatures in a large industrial space. Read on to learn more about how you can get powerful, efficient heating for your factory with an Air Turnover Solution.

How it Works

Moffitt Air-Turnover unit

An air turnover unit works by eliminated stratified air inside of the building. Stratified air happens when warm, thin air rises to the ceiling and cool, dense air sinks. In tall buildings, like factories, this can mean a huge temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling. Ultimately this makes the floor too cold and the ceiling too hot. Using internal fans, as well additional add-on components, the Air Turnover Unit pulls the air in from one level of the space and rotates it to another level. This improves the overall airflow through the building.

The new, rotated air travels farther in the building than you might expect. Additionally, the system runs continuously to prevent air stratification as the day goes on. No hot air builds up at the ceiling because the air is constantly rotating. The air movement can keep the temperature controlled all by itself. An ATU can be utilized for both heating, and cooling.

Air Turnover Unit for Heating

In the winter, an ATU can be used to move the heat back down to the work floor. First the unit uses its internal fans to draw in the hot air that collects at the ceiling. Next, it rotates that warm air back to the floor level. At the ground level it helps keep the workers warm, happy, and productive. Additional steam, hot-water, and electrical coils can be added for enhanced heating.

Air Turnover Units for Cooling

It also works in the summertime. During the summer, the system collects the warm air at the floor level, and then discharges at the higher elevation. This helps the warm air move faster than it would normally, getting it out of the work area. D/X cooling and chilled water attachments are available to provide enhanced cooling.

The Moffitt Air Turnover Unit

Air turnover units are effective at heating and cooling large, open buildings. They are so effective that just a few units can cover large areas, providing even temperatures throughout the facility. Additionally, units against the wall can affect the entire space. There is a lot of flexibility in unit placement, so you won’t need to worry about the location of fans or other equipment too much. This also makes them easier to install (access, wiring, etc.) within your specific building.

Start-up and recovery time is very quick with air-rotation units. Once installed, and then turned on each morning, you’ll be feeling the effects in no time. Contact Moffitt today to find the right ATU solution for your facility.