Why Make-Up Air Might be Your Ventilation Solution

Why Make-Up Air? Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Unit
Indirect-Fired Unit

“Why make-up air?” is a question that we get all the time. Fortunately, the answer is simple. A Make-Up Air Unit (also known as MAU or MUA) can help improve the air quality inside of the building. All facilities need a method of expelling the warm air that builds up inside. In a commercial kitchen it would be a centrifugal fan above the stove. In a steel mill it would be a large natural ventilator. These exhaust devices get that warm air, along with humidity and smoke, out of the building. As a result, the conditions are automatically cooler and more comfortable.

However, the exhaust of this air can result in depressurization, uneven temperatures, and stagnant air. This air then needs to be replaced or “made-up” to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures. That is why the introduction of fresh, new air from an MAU is so helpful.

How Does Make-Up Air Work?

MOFFITT IDF Direct Fired Heater
Direct Fired Unit

Most Moffitt MAU mix fresh outside air with recirculated inside air. It then uses fans to distribute this treated air throughout the building. By combining the fresh air outside with the “room temperature” air inside, a more comfortable, middle temperature is achieved. For example, it is often hotter inside than it is outside. Combining the relatively cool outside air with the interior air, helps make the building cooler as it provides make-up air. Recirculating the air throughout the building can make temperatures more uniform.

Additionally, the MAU can utilize heating and/or cooling units to get even greater control over the building temperatures. This can also provide winter-time fresh air changes and even make-up air for the process. In the simplest terms, a MAU “makes-up” for the air that has been lost through exhaust.

Why Moffitt is the Solution

Moffitt provides high-quality Make-Up Air Units for industrial applications. We provide direct-fired and indirect-fired models. We also design each unit for maximum effectiveness and long service-life.

Our target pressure drop for a standard, single speed unit is 0.6” W.C. Adjustable plates, modulating profile dampers, and other accessories can adjust the burner opening to fine tune the air-flow and pressure. This allows the user to adjust the heated air as needed. The wall opening is set when the model is built. Moffitt MAUs are highly customizable with a variety of features and options. See our catalog to learn more. Contact Moffitt today to learn Why Make-Up Air might be right for your building.