Rethinking Agricultural Ventilation with a Moffitt Solution

Finding an agricultural ventilation solution is easy, right? You purchase a fan off the first website you find, install it, and then the issue is solved, right? If only it was that easy.

Getting the right ventilation solution can be tricky. You need to consider the building size and shape, the surrounding environment, and even what is happening in the building. Of course, you also need to consider what is happening in the building as well.

For instance, if you have a large poultry building do you know where the ventilation needs to be? Do you want the fans on the sidewall to push air from one end to the other? Or do you want fans on the roof to exhaust the hot air up and out? Or do you even want fans at all?

Sometimes these are hard questions to answer. That is where Moffitt comes in.

Moffitt Can Help with Agricultural Ventilation

Open natural Ventilators
Open-Flap Natural Ventilators

Moffitt offers more than just a website from which you choose a product. Moffitt helps you find your new ventilation system.

Our team will evaluate your building and then design a ventilation solution specifically for that space. We can work from photos and a description or make a site visit. You get more than just a recommended number of fans; you get a solution.

While sometimes the best solution really is as simple as a choosing the right size of Model V upblast fan, other times it involves an out-of-the-box solution like a dual-flap natural ventilator.

Sixty Years of Ventilation Solutions

Since 1961 Moffitt has been providing ventilation solutions for industries like steel mills, data centers, warehouses, grain storage, greenhouses, livestock barns, and more. We manufacture and sell a variety of products like ridge ventilators, fans, evaporative cooling units, heaters, wall louvers, and more. So, whether you need to get control over the humidity or simply need to push air from one end to the other, contact us today.