Utilizing Jalousie Windows in Commercial Buildings

Jalousie windows, sometimes called awning windows, are composed of glass or acrylic panels set parallel in a frame. They are like window blinds. Unlike window blinds, however, jalousie blades bring fresh air into a building instead of light. As modern commercial buildings embrace natural ventilation jalousie windows are becoming increasingly popular.

Cooling of Jalousie Windows

Many highly engineered, state-of-the-art facilities utilize architectural jalousie windows. Their modern design offers a sleek look that enhances any building. Available in either casement or casement-free models, there is a style for any type of façade.

While modern jalousie windows are aesthetically appealing, their main benefit, of course, is that they let lots of fresh air into the building. When opened, these units act just like any other ventilator. Jalousie Windows provide a natural gateway for natural air movement. Whether it’s letting stifling air out when placed high on the roof or letting cool air in when placed near the floor level, they encourage airflow and can have a significant impact on building temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons to use jalousie windows is that they are energy efficient. When manually operated they require zero energy to open or close. Simply flip the switch and let the fresh air in. Unlike air conditioning or even fans, they use the natural power of the wind to work. They work in conjunction with air-conditioned spaces as part of a hybrid ventilation system.

As part of a larger automated system, jalousie windows can be configured to open and close automatically as needed. This includes situations such as.

  • When the afternoon sun starts heating up space, the flaps open for maximum air movement.
  • As a storm sets in, they close again to prevent water entrance.
  • When air conditioning becomes required for those extra-hot days, they close to offset the natural heat from the sun. Automated systems can save lots of money eventually.

Additionally, it also provides ample daylighting. The translucent panels allow the maximum amount of natural daylight to always enter. This can enhance the environmental conditions of a space, while also reducing the cost of lighting bills.

Finally, jalousie windows function as life-safety devices as well. As part of a natural smoke and heat ventilation system, they allow excess smoke to escape during a fire event. This passive smoke ventilation can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Jalousie Ventilation

Jalousie windows are like the wall louver models that Moffitt has been selling for over 55 years. While Moffitt may be new to the commercial market, we are veterans when it comes to ventilation. If you would like to learn more about Jalousie windows or our commercial products or services, contact us today!