Find a Moffitt Distributor

Are you looking for a new natural ventilator, exhaust fan, or wall louver? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Moffitt has been helping customers find ventilation solutions for over sixty years. We manufacture ventilation products in facilities throughout North America. For example, we have one factory in Tijuana, Mexico and a large, recently expanded, factory in Denison, Texas. Now the question is, how do you find a Moffitt distributor?

Moffitt Distributor Network

If you’re looking to find a Moffitt distributor, you’re out of luck. Unlike other fan and ventilator manufacturers, Moffitt doesn’t use a distributor network. Instead, we sell all of our products and solutions directly to you. Not only that, but we can also help you design the system and install the solution as well. This 360° approach helps us deliver outstanding customer service, and ensure you get the best solution for your facility.

Moffitt District Sales Managers

Wherever you are in North America there is a Moffitt District Sales Manager near you. You can see all nine of our districts on our locations map above. The districts include

Find a Moffitt Distributor
SE District Sales Manager Shawn Sausville with SEC Camille Agudelo.
  1. Southeast (also where our main office is located)
  2. Northeast
  3. North Central (home to National Sales Manager, Seth Nickol)
  4. South Central
  5. Midwest
  6. Southwest (includes Moffitt West in Denison, Texas)
  7. West (the location of our factory and warehouse in San Diego)
  8. Mexico (with our Moffitt Mexico team)
  9. Canada

District Teams

A full team supports each District Sales Manager. These teams work exclusively within their districts to build familiarity with the cities and states in which our customers live. Each team includes.

  • Sales Enablement Coordinator – To help you get your project started and provide additional project support along the way.
  • District Sales Associate – To handle extra sales duties and assist the District Sales Manager
  • Project Engineer – To design a new system for you. This includes making site visits to get temperature readings and finding the perfect ventilation solution. They also provide logistics and installation support. They are assisted by a secondary PE to provide additional support.
  • District Sales Manager – To oversee the entire district and work closely with you, the customer, from your projects start to finish.
  • National Sales Manager – Oversees the sales team throughout the country.

Need to Find a Moffitt Distributor Today?

Contact us directly to get started on your new ventilation project today. No need to go through a distributor, representative, or middleman; The team at Moffitt has you covered. Whether it’s the contact form on our website (see below), our toll-free number (888) 847-4632), or our Live Greeter, it’s easy to get in touch with us. In fact, we usually get back to you within five minutes during business hours.