Industrial Fan Manufacturer – Moffitt

Everyone knows Moffitt design and installs ventilation solutions, but did you also know that Moffitt is also an industrial fan manufacturer? With facilities in Texas, California, and Mexico, we manufacture a variety of industrial fans to best meet your facilities needs. Read on to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

Moffitt Industrial Fan Manufacturer History

Bill Moffitt was an Industrial Fan Manufacturer

Moffitt has been manufacturing fans in one way or another for over sixty years. When Moffitt first started, Bill Moffitt would oversee production on the hooded roof fans and other equipment the company sold. A couple of decades later, Moffitt Fan opened in Le Roy, New York. An industrial fan manufacturer, Moffitt Fan produced large wall fans, duct fans, exhausters, and more. Moffitt even manufactured fiberglass fans for harsh environments. However, the addition of two new factories in the 21st century are what took Moffitt fan manufacturing to the next level.

Moffitt West – Denison, Texas

Moffitt West factory - industrial fan manufacturer
MW – industrial fan manufacturer

Moffitt West is a 72,000 FT² manufacturing facility in Denison, Texas. The factory was already manufacturing ventilation equipment for decades before it became part of Moffitt in 2016. They fabricate a variety of industrial fans, including the DualStream and QuadStream fan systems.

The fastest growing product however is the DeltaStream evaporative cooling unit. The DeltaStream utilizes water and a medium to cool intake air while a fan pushes the air into the building. The DeltaStream is the ultimate in natural cooling technology. It is a fan and so much more.

Romlair – Tijuana, Mexico

Industrial Fan Manufacturer
Romlair – industrial fan manufacturer

Romlair Fan Company became part of Moffitt in August of 2023. In operation for nearly 80 years, Romlair produces a wide range of highly efficient, affordable fans. Their products include familiar Moffitt offerings like Wall Fans and Tube Axial Fans, but also products Moffitt hasn’t manufactured before like Air Circulator Fans and Dock Fans. This expanded

Romlair contains two different locations. There is a warehouse and office in San Diego, California and a factory right across the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

Why Moffitt?

You can buy a fan from any industrial fan manufacturer. Why would you buy from Moffitt? The answer to that is because we offer more than just a product, we offer complete ventilation solutions. We’re more than happy to sell you the fan or fans you need, but we’re also happy to help you design and install the whole system. If you have no idea what you need for ventilation, just give us a call.