Make-Up Air (MUA) with Moffitt Fans

Make-up for your loss of fresh air with a Make-up Air system from Moffitt. Unlike a small fan designed to provide a breeze towards an individual person, a Make-Up Air unit circulates it for the whole building. Instead of recycling the same stagnant air, it will introduce fresh intake air from the outside. It can mount near the wall to blow inward, or on the roof top with a powered fan duct to direct it downward.

Moffitt MUA + Fans

PressureStream Make-Up Air (MUA) unit.

Exhausting this stifling air through a natural ventilator or a roof vent is important, but replacing the air with cool, fresh air is vital. That is why introducing fresh air can make such a dramatic difference in your facility.

Make-up air (MUA) is necessary for tempering outside air before it enters. This prevents depressurization and improves the safety and comfort of the inhabitants inside. Hot stagnant builds-up in areas where there is no way for it to exhaust. A make-up unit, aka air tunover unit, promotes airflow where it is needed most. Using the same fans you’ll find in the Model H or Model P units, these powered exhaust fans will meet your facility’s airflow requirements.

DualStream Make-Up Air

In situations where more power is required, Moffitt also offers the DualStream powered ventilator system. This solution utilizes two fans instead of just one. The dual fans in the DualStream provide more powerful circulation. This produces a bigger, more direct effect on the workers on the shop floor. The Moffitt DualStream can move twice as a single Model P wall fan. Up to 40,000 CFM. This makes it a smart choice for large buildings or buildings with spaces in dire need of fresh intake. Plus, if one fan breaks, the DualStream has a backup. This extra fan picks up some of the slack while the team repairs the other unit.

QuadStream MUA

If even more power is required Moffitt also offers the QuadStream. The QuadStream has four fans; stacked two wide and two tall. With all four of these fans the QuadStream is capable of 80,000 CFM. The QuadStream allows for maximum distribution. This is beneficial because it quadruples the efficiency in exhausting the hot / humidity out of your building. The QuadStream turns over more frequently, keeping the space cooler and more comfortable. The QuadStream is ideal for any facility in need of significant ciruclation improvement.