Moffitt Ventilation Solutions – Natural & More

Moffitt ventilation solutions help create better working environments. Since 1961 our mission has been to decrease temperatures in commercial and industrial facilities. From the first steel mills in the early sixties to the data centers of today, our passion continues to be helping people find their ideal ventilation solution.

Becoming More than Natural

MatrixVent natural ventilator

To help ensure we’re helping people find the best solution, we’re rethinking how we do things a little bit. For the last 10-15 years we’ve focused primarily on “Natural Solutions”. We have primarily provided passive ventilation systems to reduce heat and improve working conditions. Sure we’d recommend some fans now and then, but we always prioritized natural ventilation.

Now however, fans are a major part of our ventilation solutions strategy. Instead of an add-on product to our natural solutions, we now provide a full line of quality, competitively priced fans. Additionally, we’re not only selling these fans as part of our larger systems, but also directly to our customers. Really the only change here is that now customers can expect even more.

The Reason for the Change in One Word? Romlair.

Finding the best warehouse fan for you. - Moffitt Ventilation Solutions

Once Moffitt purchased Romlair Fan Company in 2023, our product offering doubled. This acquisition added Romlair’s 70+ year history of manufacturing fans to the Moffitt repertoire.

So now, not only do we supply favorites like Hooded Roof Fans, Wall Fans, and Upblast Fans. We also provide Air Circulators, Dock Fans, and more.

Better yet, we’re expanding our other product categories as well. New products such as make-up air units, heaters, and evaporative cooling systems, enable us to offer solve more ventilation problems than every before.

New Moffitt Ventilation Solutions

Even though Moffitt is no longer “natural” you’ll still get the same great Moffitt service. Additionally, you’ll still get the same innovative ventilation designs that we’ve always provided. Not to mention the reliable, turn-key installation through our MCI network.

Furthermore, you’ll still be able to get the same natural solutions we’ve always offered. From Natural Daylighting to Natural Cooling to Natural Smoke & Heat Relief, we still have it all. The only difference is that now you can get even more. Contact the Moffitt team to see how Moffitt ventilation solutions can make a difference in your facility today.