Importance of Natural Ventilation in Your Data Center Design

The modern data center must be energy-efficient and sustainable. The days of cooling with inefficient and expensive solutions like air conditioning, refrigeration, or non-stop powered ventilation are gone. Today, natural ventilation has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional cooling methods. A natural ventilator, like the MatrixVent, can have an enormous impact on a data center cooling design with minimal installation, energy, or maintenance costs.

For over sixty years Moffitt has been helping facilities lower temperatures the natural way. Whether it is a brand-new facility, or a retrofitted building, natural ventilation should be considered as a practical option for your data center cooling.

Energy-Efficient Data Center Cooling

Energy-efficiency is the most important reason data centers should use natural ventilation. It already takes a lot of energy to keep several servers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so why add more with ventilation. Consider energy efficiency in your data center cooling design.

Natural ventilation solutions for data centers or data colocation facilities use no energy, require no regular part replacement, and in general have minimal negative affect on the environment. The MatrixVent for example, works around the clock, rain, or shine. It lets warm air out as needed and works even better when it’s windy. Additionally, it’s aluminum construction means it reflects daylight into the facility as well. This reduces energy use for ventilation and lighting, meaning less energy is consumed overall.

Eco-Friendly Data Center Cooling Design

Data Center Cooling Design
Data Center Cooling Design

Traditional air-cooling solutions consume a lot of energy, and in the case of refrigeration or air conditioning, other resources as well. These chemicals are constantly used up and require refills and replenishment, consuming more resources throughout their life. Traditional HVAC systems can be a drain on resources and your budget. There is an Eco-friendly cooling alternative.

The MatrixVent natural ventilator relies on air movement (which is natural) to keep the data center cool. A natural ventilation system uses passive exhaust on the roof, like the MatrixVent natural ventilator, to exhaust the warm air. Wall louvers, like the EcoStream 90, then provide cool, clean air into the building. Instead of bringing in treated air, a natural system simply brings the outside air, filtered, if necessary, into the data center.

Equipment Cost and Savings

Heavy-duty HVAC systems can be expensive. Energy costs, chemical costs, and repair costs all add-up. A key benefit of choosing natural ventilation over the traditional methods for your data center cooling design is cost savings. With no moving parts, and no regular maintenance, a natural system saves money.

Moffitt and Data Center Cooling Design

The MatrixVent is quickly becoming the best solution for data center natural ventilation. When paired with the proper intake devices in an expertly designed system, natural ventilation is the best way to keep your data center cool. Contact us today to learn more about our natural ventilation solutions and services for data centers.