Industrial Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn Seminar

Learn everything you need to know about Natural Ventilation without leaving the office. Schedule a Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn today. This natural ventilation seminar will show you how to design complete industrial cooling system in no time. We should know, we’ve been doing it since 1961.

Learn All About Ventilation with Our Seminars

A Moffitt Lunch & Learn will get you to start thinking about industrial ventilation design differently. We’ve seen dozens of engineers, including some with years of experience surprised to see the simplicity and effectiveness of a natural ventilation system.

The Moffitt team, including President John Moffitt and our sales team, have held Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn seminars at some of the biggest engineering companies in the country. Teams large and small are welcome.

We’re incredibly happy to announce that Lunch & Learn seminars are now available to engineers in the west. For decades we have been doing these sessions around the East Coast, the South, and the Mid-West but now we’re able to hold them in all states from Colorado to California. No matter where you live in the U.S., we can help you learn more about the natural exhaust.

Companies overseas can sign-up for a teleconference Lunch & Learn. We’ll present from our offices in Jacksonville Beach, Florida to you anywhere in the world. In this instance, you’ll need to provide the “Lunch” yourself, but we’ll still bring the “Learn”.

Contact us today to sign up for a Lunch & Learn. We love making these presentations, and we think you’ll love seeing it. We know designing for a gravity vent system is more involved than designing an HVAC system, but with the tools and strategies provided by Moffitt, we can make it easier.

More on the Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn

Each seminar covers the principles, design methods, and the math of a natural ventilation design. This includes everything from sizing gravity ventilators and determining wall louver-free area. Each session is designed to fit the industry you serve, so let us know the type of building you’re designing for, and we can show you how we have successfully designed a system for a similar one in the past. We’ve designed complete systems for power plants, steel mills, smelters, forges, chemical plants, paper plants, warehouses, and more.

Of course, we’ll also show you info on all the latest improvements in ventilator technology and show you our newest natural ventilator products. A session lasts about an hour and are scheduled at your convenience. We custom make presentations for your audience. We’re always happy to accommodate any special requests. We’ll even do breakfast.

Natural Ventilation has been the backbone of our company since 1961 and we’ve seen the impact one of our systems can have on a building’s temperature and air conditions for over 50 years. Customers are always happy to find out the long-term operating cost and maintenance savings too.

In conclusion, give us a call to schedule a Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn session at your office today.

Moffitt Natural Ventilation Lunch & Learn