Roof Ventilation is Vital for your Building!

Better Air, Better Buildings

Aat Moffitt, we always tell people that while roof ventilation is vital for any building, air conditioning is not. That is why, for over 55 years, we have been designing natural roof ventilation systems. Gravity Roof Ventilation is the process of installing vents on the roof to remove heat that rises in warehouses and factories.

Roof Ventilation Drastically Improves Air Quality

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Roof Ventilation is important for two reasons: It can remove warm uncomfortable air and it saves money on operating expenses.

Adding Comfort: Workers and machinery generate a lot of heat over time. While HVAC systems are great for pumping frigid air into a system, they aren’t good at removing excess heat. Excess heat in a building can cause serious problems; not only could it affect the machinery inside, but it could also be hazardous for the workers too if they are susceptible to heatstroke. The roof vent fans allow stifling air to exhaust out of the building. Pressurizing the building can also optimize roof ventilation by use of intake vents or fans.

Save on Operating Expenses: Not only does this keep your workers and your machines cool, but it will save you on the use of A/C. Either you don’t use A/C, and you rely on roof ventilation which will comfortably keep the temperature where it needs to be. Or you use both in tandem, and the roof ventilation will aid the HVAC.

Ambient Temperature Correction: HVAC systems work by sensing the temperature in an area and making sure that temperature is read throughout the building. If the heat can’t escape, the machine will constantly push to make the temperatures match.

Release Strain on the System: An HVAC machine that always runs takes a lot of strain and risk breaking. But by mediating temperatures through roof ventilation, you can give the HVAC the necessary breaks it needs.

Is Moffitt Right for Me?

Finally, compared to other ventilation systems such as the penthouse vent, the MoffittVent has a ridged design that makes it easier to keep rain out of the system. By using ridges and positive airflow, we can accommodate for rain and wind systems that often puncture through.

With Moffitt Corporation, we have been working for several years to create the best products for our customers. From our roof vent and intake to our daylighting and beyond, we work to provide the best solutions for your facility. To learn more about roof vent fans, our services, or our company, feel free to call us today at 1 (800) 474-3267.