Ventilation Controls and Building Automation

Ventilation Controls
Ventilation Controls

A building solution only works if you can use it. That is why Moffitt provides control systems for our Natural Ventilation Solutions. Finding the best controls solution, improves your conditions, your operations, and your building. So, whether your solution requires a simple open / close switch or a fully integrated building automation system, the Moffitt team can put you in control.

When Moffitt first started in 1961 the ventilation controls were a simple lever to open and close a damper. They were primitive but amazingly effective. Unfortunately, these mechanisms were often integrated into the vents on the roof, making them hard to access. New innovations, like the pull chain came along but this was still inconvenient for some customers. While some customers still use these solutions, we now provide fully automated open and close controls as well.

Simple Controls

Simple push button controls work like a light switch. MoffittVent and MatrixVent dampers use an on / off switch to open and close. They can even be utilized for the TriadVent in some situations. Over the years these switches have become more sturdy, more reliable, and more versatile. These switches put the power in the users’ hands. Users can open and close equipment as needed. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine if the building is cold enough to open the damper or if it will get worse. That’s where advanced controls can help.

Advanced Controls

Advanced controls help eliminate the guess work and promote efficiency. In addition to a simple on and off switch, advanced controls can often have intermediate settings for greater flexibility. The user can access these controls to decide when to activate the units. Data such as temperature & humidity readings from inside and outside of the building, will help the user make an informed decision about their building ventilation. This data can be displays via an app or an autonomous display screen. You can use these controls for TriadVent dual flap ventilators as well as DeltaStream natural cooling units.

Automated Controls

The final option includes fully automated controls. Automated controls are when the system adjusts autonomously depending on the environmental readings. For instance, when the building gets to a certain temperature the vents automatically open. Automation helps a system operate more efficiently, often with minimal customer input. This is helpful in large buildings with lots of components, like a facility with vents, louvers, and heaters.  An operation like that might want to automate the controls to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Additionally, we currently provide specialized automated controls for the TriadVent and the DeltaStream. The TriadVent system uses the internal building environment (temperature & humidity) and a rain sensor to determine whether the vents should be open or closed. Meanwhile the DeltaStream system records environmental readings (outside and inside temperature & humidity) to create the most efficient evaporative cooling output. The system controls multiple components such as a fan, water pump, and multiple valves within the unit. These controls allow for a mobile connection to the system which ensures access is always right in your pocket.

The Future of Ventilation Controls

With fully automated controls, not only can you maximize the efficiency of your ventilation equipment, but you can maximize the efficiency of your whole building. Controls can adjust lighting, optimize electrical usage, and even integrate fire alarm and suppression systems. This is part of a growing trend called Building Automation, and it is the future of building management. For instance, controls can automatically dim the lights when the vents open or activate the wall fans when more airflow is required. This automation improves efficiency, reduces maintenance, and promotes safety in your daily and long-term operations.

Not only does Moffitt sell the controls, but we can also check it, install it, and wire it to ensure everything is running perfectly. Contact us today to see how Moffitt can help you automate your ventilation solution.