3 Ways to Cut Factory Costs.

When it comes to industrial ventilation, there are 3 ways to cut factory costs. In addition to helping you decrease building temperature; we can also help you lower your operating costs. In fact, our team can help you save tens of thousands of dollars are year by finding the right ventilation solution for your building. 3 ways to cut factory costs include.-

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduce Repair Costs
  • Get More Efficient Equipment

Lower Operating Costs

In many factories, operating costs are typically a building’s third highest expense. They come just behind labor and materials. While we can help a little bit with reducing labor costs, there’s not much we can do for material costs. Sorry. Fortunately, we can help with operating costs like electricity.

Expert Ventilation

3 Ways to Cut Factory Costs with a New Ventilation Solution

Time after time we see factories spend too much money on their electric bills. Running dozens of fans, non-stop, uses quite a bit of energy. We’re excited to show them how a new natural ventilator can eliminate those energy bills entirely. Or if you’d prefer we can also replace those old fans with more modern ones that use less energy.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Some factory managers come to us because even though they have lots of fans, they’re always broken. A roof full of idle fans and a building full of hot, tired works makes for a bad combination. They have to constantly replace their fans because they keep breaking down. This leads to high repair costs and even higher replacement costs.

A routine maintenance program from Moffitt can keep repair costs down. The Moffitt team can come out to replace belts before they break, and tune-up motors before they blow-out. This also lets the plant’s staff focus on production.

On the other hand, one of the best ways to reduce maintenance costs is by finding the right equipment for your plant in the first place. If the process is making the fans dirty, then fiberglass coatings might be the answer. If building conditions do not require belt drive fans, replacing them with direct drive fans can save a lot of money. Finding these solutions up front, can help prevent problems down the line.

Invest in More Efficient Equipment

That brings us to the final point on 3 ways to cut factory costs; Get more efficient equipment. Purchasing off the shelf equipment, and installing it at suboptimal locations is the surest path to throwing money away. A bunch of low HP fans on the roof of a huge factory won’t do the trick no matter how good the maintenance program is. Planning for the whole building is the key.

Fortunately, that is where the Moffitt team shines. For over sixty years Moffitt has been developing custom ventilation solutions for factories of all shapes and size. Having a ventilation system designed specifically for a given building can improve efficiency and have a huge impact on temperatures.

For example, many facilities lack sufficient intake air. Hot air exhaust through the roof, but at an inefficient rate becasue it isn’t replaced by incoming fresh air. Additionally, a more thorough analysis may show that the factory in question can achieve an even greater temperature improvement by using evaporative cooling. A partner like Moffitt is key to finding these efficiencies.

3 Ways to Cut Factory Costs from Moffitt

Cutting costs is the quickest way to increase profits. Moffitt can help cut your costs by lowering operating & maintenance costs and improving efficiency. Contact the Moffitt team to start cutting costs in your factory today.