Heated Ventilation Systems for the Winter Season

As the weather starts to cool down, having a solution that can efficiently heat your building is crucial. A Powered Heating Solution from Moffitt offers a reliable way to heat your facility during the colder winter months. The difference is the complete system approach.

all-seasons make-up air + Heated Ventilation Systems
Heated Ventilation Systems

When used as part of a larger ventilation solution, heaters like the HT380 Direct Fired Heater and HT180 Indirect Fired Heater, can make an enormous impact in your building. Installing either of these systems ensures that you can preheat incoming fresh air before introducing it into your building. These heaters offer a continuous supply of fresh air, eliminate condensation, and are energy efficient.

Heated Ventilation System for Continuous Make-Up Air

Each of our heated ventilation solutions provides a continuous supply of fresh, warm air into your facility throughout the day. The Direct Fired Heater warms your building by introducing high volumes of make-up air into your building.

On the other hand, the Indirect Fired Heater utilizes the air destratification principle. It eliminates stagnant air and recirculates stifling air. Now the warm air works for you instead of getting trapped at the ceiling. These are different techniques, but they lead to the same result.

Eliminates Condensation

Condensation can be a major cause for concern in industrial warehouses or facilities. Temperatures can fluctuate in shipping areas or workstations that have open doors. This can make controlling humidity a problem.

However, an Indirect Fired Heater continuously circulates the air inside your building, helping it maintain a uniform room temperature. This uniform room temperature eliminates the possibility of condensation forming on stored materials because of uneven room temperature. Furthermore, when used as part of a complete ventilation solution, the humidity is decreased too.

Energy Efficient

Finally, each of our heated ventilation solutions is energy efficient. They reduce the amount of energy required to bring your building to ambient temperature during the winter season. This is much more efficient than using space heaters or large one-size-fits-all solutions.

Again, Moffitt can further improve energy efficiency with a complete ventilation system solution. By integrating the heater into a larger building management system, it will activate only when its needed. You can also integrate the same management system into your roof vents and wall louvers as well. This will ensure that they open and close automatically. That way, the warm air that you want to exhaust in the summer isn’t also exhausted in the winter.

All these factors work together to reduce your energy consumption and heating bills.

Benefits of Heated Ventilation Systems

Moffitt heating solutions are the ideal way to keep the facility warm during the winter months. As a single add-on or as part of a larger ventilation solution Moffitt can help. We’ll find the right powered heating solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our heated ventilation systems.