Hybrid Ventilation = Natural Cooling + Natural Ventilation!

Natural Ventilation is the best way to lower temperatures 10°, 20°, or even 30° below existing conditions. The downside is, it can only decrease temperatures to outdoor ambient conditions, not below. Powered ventilation, like air conditioning, can help lower temperatures below ambient, but it would be incredibly expensive to utilize in a large factory; even more expensive to use in a forge, caster, or foundry. That is why Moffitt combines the efficiency of Natural Ventilation with the power of Natural Cooling, to provide Hybrid Ventilation with DeltaStream adiabatic cooling.

Hybrid Ventilation, utilizing DeltaStream natural cooling, has proven to decrease indoor conditions up to 10° COLDER than outdoor conditions. And it does this naturally with low operating costs AND at a ridiculously small first cost addition over our standard system.

How is this possible?

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Hybrid Ventilation

By combining the proven methods of evaporative cooling with modern CFD design, a Hybrid Ventilation system can be tailored to fit your facility’s needs. Moffitt Design Engineers can assess the entire building environment to see where the units should be located for maximum effectiveness. Once the unit is up and running, they can use the advanced control system, via a smart phone app, to set the limits for the system. These limits will enable the system to maintain the optimum heat index values throughout the day.

There are three main questions to answer when considering a DeltaStream Hybrid Ventilation system:

  • What is the Temperature Impact?
  • How Much will it Cost?
  • Is it Environmentally Friendly?

Temperature Impact of Hybrid Ventilation

DeltaStream Hybrid Ventilation Cooling Change
Hybrid Ventilation Comparison

While a DeltaStream evaporative cooling system allows for superior temperature control it cannot always maintain an exact temperature. You would need a “full-blown” air conditioning system for this degree of control. Of course, an A/C would be impractical for most large facilities. It would be wildly inefficient, not to mention incredibly expensive. While you may never achieve stable, “cold” temperatures with natural cooling, it can still have a massive impact.

On average, natural cooling can produce temperatures 5° to 10° colder inside than outside, at the hottest times of day. Some facilities have even seen temperatures decrease 20° or more. In fact, the warmer the outside air, the more efficient the evaporative cooling process.

This temperature change has a huge effect on morale and productivity.

Budget Friendly

Natural cooling systems are nowhere near as expensive as an A/C system. It is, however, is up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning. This cost difference can tip the scale from impractical to practical. All a DeltaStream requires to operate is minimal energy and some running water. It is like cooling virtually for nothing. A natural cooling system can help lower air temperatures by 5°, 10° or even 15° F. For a slight increase in price, you’re trading in a standard wall fan for a highly engineered, expertly designed, the state-of-the-art piece of ventilation equipment.

Hybrid Ventilation and Hygiene

An important distinction to note is that a DeltaStream is not a swamp cooler. You will not see the same hygiene problems that you would with a standard swamp cooling unit. The bacteria and rust found in other systems is eliminated in a DeltaStream. The entire system has been designed to ensure optimal air quality. The constantly running water, along with the highly efficient filters, and the self-cleaning interior, ensure the system stays clean and dry when not in use.

Contact Moffitt for more information about the hygienic qualities of the Moffitt DeltaStream.