Centrifugal Fans made by the Ventilation Experts

At Moffitt we design, manufacture, and install complete air movement systems. This experience tells us how we can make the perfect ventilation system for each type of facility. While we specialize in natural ventilation, we also know that some applications require the power of forced air ventilation. That is why in addition to selling natural ventilators, we also offer a complete line of industrial centrifugal fans.

Moffitt Wall Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans have forward facing blades to allow for higher air flow volume and for it to achieve higher pressure. In a centrifugal exhaust fan, the air flows in a radial direction that is relative to the shaft. That means that unlike an axial fan, like a ceiling fan, the blades move in the same direction as the air. In this configuration, the air is exhausted out of the end by the fan blades that push the air down the tube. The fan itself sits in the base.

Centrifugal roof fans are also common in bathrooms and kitchens, where they are utilized to exhaust hot, humid, and dirty air. That is why centrifugal fans are often called exhaust fans or centrifugal roof exhausters. Their ability to exhaust this dirty air is why they are so useful. In addition to residential applications, centrifugal fans are also in laboratories, chemical processing plants, and more.

While they are often ineffectual in larger facilities, centrifugal exhaust fans can have an enormous impact on the right space. They are a vital component in almost any ducted system. They exhaust fumes, hazardous chemicals, and heat. Having an inline centrifugal fan prevents contaminant-laden air from reentering the building. Centrifugal exhausters are commonly used in exhaust systems for metal foundries, power plants, warehouses, factories, and steel mills, as well as a variety of other industrial facilities.

Moffitt Industrial Centrifugal Fans Upblast

industrial centrifugal fan

Moffitt offers a variety of different roof exhaust fans. Our upblast exhaust fan is long-lasting and wear resistant. They will hold up in even the toughest industrial environments. Fans can mount on walls, rooftops, or in a ducted system. The industrial centrifugal fan comes in various casings, including spun aluminum, to avoid corrosion. We can also customize fans to bets suit your building’s requirements. This includes modifications such as larger fan blades, more powerful motors, and even custom welded casings.

In addition to offering customized fans, Moffitt also helps you figure out how many fans you might need. We can also tell them where they should go. Our team of designers can look at your building and tell you exactly how many fans you will need to effectively cool your space. Not every building is the same so not every building has the same requirements. That is why it helps to call to take advantage of our free system design service.

Of course, with our complete turn-key service through Moffitt, we also offer equipment installation. Whether you’re installing 5 fans or 50, a rooftop fan, a wall centrifugal ventilation fan, or a ventilation fan, we can help. Our crews experienced crews install centrifugal fans all the time. We will properly fit and seal your equipment into place. You won’t have to worry about leaks or loose components with our professional and experienced installation team.

Moffitt Powered Ventilation

Moffitt has been helping our customers find the ideal ventilation solution for over 50 years. We offer superior ventilation equipment and sell only the best ventilation fan available. With us, the customers come first. We want to make sure that you get the fans and ventilation system that you need. Contact a member of our design team today and they can help you find the perfect forced air ventilation, Centrifugal fan, and industrial exhaust fan for your building.