Power Ventilation Definition

This blog post is to provide the power ventilation definition in a general sense, as well as how we approach it at Moffitt. At Moffitt, we have been providing power ventilation solutions for over sixty years. This includes small work rooms that needs upblast fans to remove hot air. This also includes massive facilities that need the right assortment of hooded roof fans to cool the busy work floor. Natural Ventilation may be what we’re known for, but we can help you find your power ventilation solution too.

Power Ventilation Definition

Power Ventilation Definition: The use of a motorized fan, or fans, to remove warm air and exhaust fumes from a space. More broadly, power ventilation is any air movement solution that utilizes motor-activated equipment to direct airflow. This includes smaller, “person-cooler” fans like the GulfStream, large building scale fans like the PressureStream, and everything in between. Different models are suited for different purposes, ensuring there is a power ventilation device to meet your needs. 

Moffitt Streamlines Ventilation

JetStream hanging fan for power ventilation definition
Power Ventilation Definition

All in all Moffitt has been honing it’s own power ventilation definition for over sixty years. We have streamlined the power ventilation selection process by developing four main categories.

  • Fans for the Building – Large scale fans designed to exhaust high volumes of warm air from the building. A ventilation design will often bundle many different fans together.
  • Fans for the Work Station – Small scale fans designed to cool invidual workers or small groups of workers. Units like the JetStream keep air moving in tight places where it might otherwise stagnate.
  • Fans for the Work Space – Select fans, including upblast and centrifugal models, that are particularly effective at exhausting air from a small place. They help keep the air clear in specific work spaces and work rooms.
  • Fans for Sub-Ambient Cooling – Specialty fan units that include adiabatic natural cooling systems that introduced chilled air in addition to air movement. The DeltaStream is the ideal system for sub-ambient cooling.

Find your Power Ventilation Solution

In conclusion, the Moffitt team can help you find your power ventilation solution. Specifically, we will find the right fan for a single work area or the right selection of fans for your entire building. Our team will determine the right fan solution for your space. Plus, with our free vent design service, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the right power ventilation solution for your building. Contact us today to learn more about power ventilation and how it can make a difference in your plant today.