Moffitt DeltaStream in a Texas Factory

The Moffitt DeltaStream helped one factory in north Texas decrease building temperatures more than 20°F during the summer. The employees were incredibly grateful, and management even more so. How do we know? Because it is our own factory, Moffitt West. Read on to learn more.

Manufacturing Ventilation at Moffitt West

Moffitt West DeltaStream factory
DeltaStream evaporative cooling units at Moffitt West

Moffitt West is a prefabricated metal building located in Denison, Texas. It has recently been expanded to 52,558 FT², with sections for welding, assembly, shipping, and more. Like any other industrial facility, it gets hot in the summer. Or at least it would if it wasn’t for the Moffitt ventilation system.

The ventilation system at Moffitt West includes two MatrixVent natural ventilators on the roof and wall louvers on the back wall. Finally, ten DeltaStream natural cooling units line the roof of the building. Each evaporative cooling unit brings fresh, sub-ambient air into the work floor. This equipment makes up a complete ventilation solution for the facility. The results speak for themselves.

The Impact of DeltaStream Evaporative Cooling

The new DeltaStream units were activated in early June. Once they were turned on, the factory quickly started to see amazing results. Best of all, the interactive temperature controls let us see the full impact of the solution.

Moffitt DeltaStream results at MW

The DeltaStream system reduced the temperature of the plant to 82.1°F. This is in contrast to the outdoor ambient temperature of 103.4°F. In an untreated building, the indoor temperature would likely be higher than the temperature outside. The DeltaStream cooled building, however, realizes a temperature drop of 21° F! That results in a huge impact on employee happiness and productivity.

First-Hand Experience

The numbers are only part of the story. H ere is what the people in the factory have to say about the new system.

Justin Gatenby, Plant Manager

They work great! Everyone in the shop can feel a difference in our temperatures. It’s been a lot more comfortable out here this summer.

Nicole Call, Shipping & Receiving Manager

We’ve been studying/feeling the effects of the Deltastream units lately and the results have been great. We’ve seen temperatures… below ambient conditions even with several large doors open due to typical traffic. It’s awesome to stand under a unit or walk through a door after you’ve been outside with an index of 110°F plus and immediately feel the difference. We recently had some of our AC units go down in the office and it got up to nearly 80°F degrees inside. It’s not common for a factory to feel better than an office in a Texas summer!

Jake Roberts, Production Manager

Get Similar Results for your Building with a Moffitt DeltaStream.

Of course you don’t have to just take our word for it. We’ve provided DeltaStream systems in facilities throughout North America. Some key projects include.

When people think of evaporative cooling they often think of heavy manufacturing and high-heat generation. However, the results at Moffitt West show that a light manufacturing application, with little heat generation, in a moderate climate zone, can also see huge benefits from a DeltaStream system. Visit our website to learn more about the DeltaStream natural cooling system. Contact us to see how the DeltaStream can make a difference in your facility.