The DeltaStream – Adiabatic Natural Cooling Solutions

DeltaStream natural cooling unit
DeltaStream Adiabatic Natural Cooling

At Moffitt we’ve helped many facilities improve their work floor conditions with adiabatic natural cooling solutions. Using natural cooling units, they have been able to achieve sub-ambient temperatures with minimal operating costs.  After years of research and development, Moffitt has developed a brand-new adiabatic cooling unit with the DeltaStream.

DeltaStream natural cooling unit

The DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit has been designed to better meet our customers’ needs. It operates more efficiently, has automated controls, includes building management system integration, and is streamlined to only have the features our customers need. “It’s been exciting to design the DeltaStream from the ground up”, said Mike Berry, VP of Operations & Engineering at Moffitt. “The design process has given us the chance to optimize unit performance, as well as manufacturing speed, at the price point our customers need. We’re excited to show people the DeltaStream in action”.

Moffitt & Adiabatic Cooling in Action

Moffitt has provided natural cooling systems to customers that never would have imagined they’d benefit from adiabatic technology. For instance, foundries, forges, warehouses, and manufacturing plants have all discovered the benefits of natural cooling. Many of those customers were skeptical about adiabatic cooling at first. For many reasons they thought it would have little to no impact on their plant. However, once we showed them CFD models and testimonials, like this one from an aluminum extrusion plant, they were convinced.

How Does Adiabatic Natural Cooling Work?

The DeltaStream uses adiabatic natural cooling to lower the temperature of the air coming into the building.  It does this by directing the incoming air through a water-dampened media. Adding the moisture into the incoming air decreases its temperature, resulting in cool air. This cool air is then introduced into the building, where it lowers the temperature throughout. As a result, the building gets cooler air without air conditioning or refrigerant.

In fact, that’s why we call it the DeltaStream. In science, the Greek uppercase letter delta is the standard mathematical symbol to represent a change. For instance, delta- t is a change in temperature, because the variable ‘t’ stands for the temperature in your building, then ‘Δt’ means the change in that temperature. In other words, the DeltaStream uses a stream of cool air to change the temperature in your workspace.

New Natural Solutions from Moffitt

In conclusion, all of us at Moffitt are extremely excited about the rollout of the DeltaStream adiabatic cooling unit. Similarly, we’re eager to see more customers discover the benefits of natural cooling and enjoy more comfortable building conditions. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates on the DeltaStream.