All-Seasons Make-Up Air

At Moffitt we provide all-seasons make-up air to cover you throughout the year. As part of our All-Seasons Solutions, intake units like the DualStream or QuadStream, pull fresh air in from outside the building. Read on to learn more about our make-up air solutions.

What is Make-Up Air?

all-seasons make-up air
All-Seasons Make-Up Air

A complete ventilation system consists of equal parts exhaust air and replacement air. Every factory worker understands the importance of exhausting the warm, air that buildings up in the building. They can feel it produced during the process or as the building heats up in the afternoon. That said, many people are not familiar with the need for replacement air, also known as make-up air.

Make-Up Air replaces the existing air, which usually gets heated up by the process and naturally rises to the ceiling. Roof fans then exhaust this hot air to remove it from the building. This ensures that the air in the building is not recirculated indefinitely. It also lowers temperatures as well.

Balancing Your Ventilation Solution

However, removing this air from the building without accounting for the intake air to “make-up” for this missing air, leads to the building becoming negatively pressurized. You may feel this when you open the door and you feel a rush of air, even though there’s no wind that day. Depending on your building layout, this can be disruptive for the workers, and can even be dangerous. Negative pressurization can also lead to dirt and outside materials entering manufacturing processes. Visit to learn how you can give your plant a pressurization test. 

All-Seasons Make-Up Air

A make-up air unit will provide a steady stream of cleaner, fresher air into your building. The air from these units can be adapted to meet your seasonal needs. Whether it is heating during cold weather or cooling during warm weather, all-seasons make-up air will keep your building comfortable. No longer will you have to settle for bringing hot outside air into your hot plant.

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