Moffitt Can Help: Green Energy Benefits

The green revolution is bringing substantial changes to industrial ventilation and helping builders, contractors, and engineers create solutions that incorporate an increased use of natural ventilation into both new and existing structures. By moving away from traditionally powered ventilation systems and joining the green energy movement, companies are enjoying lower operating costs, reduced environmental impact, and reduced health hazards for employees. Read on to learn more about the green energy benefits your building could be seeing.

Green Energy Benefits & Savings

As previously mentioned, green energy doesn’t just improve health outcomes and the environment, it also provides businesses with reduced operating costs from natural ventilation systems that require no electrical or other power whatsoever. The only cost involved in using green energy is that of building facilities to harvest the energy, as most of these energies are free. So, the greener you become, the more economical going green becomes. Of all of the green energy benefits cost savings is the easiest to understand.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Being able to track your carbon footprint has allowed thousands of energy consumers to notice that their energy consumption is having a negative impact on the environment. Current electric and fuel-producing systems are generating an increase in carbon dioxide production and other harmful emissions. Consequently, this is causing the earth to heat up. In fact, coal, and natural gas results in the production of over 30% of world’s global warming emissions. These emissions are creating more than just a change in the climate and the weather. They are also affecting our health and the environment.

Health and Environmental Improvements

The green energy movement is helping to encourage a reduction in the use of electricity and fossil fuels. Currently, up to 6% of the country’s GDP is spent on health-related issues caused by fossil fuels. This could be reduced with the use of natural ventilation systems, and wind, and hydroelectric energy systems.

One of the many ways that renewable energy could help improve health and environmental hazards is by switching powered industrial ventilation systems to natural ventilation systems. These systems improve indoor air quality by heating or cooling structures naturally, remove hazardous fumes, generate less noise pollution, and increase overall energy savings.

Green Energy Benefits Job Growth

One of other great benefits of green energy is economic growth. Renewable energy requires new labor, which translates to more jobs. In the U.S. alone, green energy is providing thousands with rewarding jobs in industries such as construction and manufacturing. As demand grows for green energy, so will the demand for more green energy jobs. This growth also means an increase in household and business income. This will, in turn, help your local economy, as well as the nation’s economy.

Since 1961, Moffitt Corporation has been designing, fabricating, selling, and installing industrial ventilation systems. Twenty years ago, we at Moffitt Corporation expanded our company to include a division dedicated to developing natural ventilation, wall louvers, and fans for hundreds of projects across the country and internationally. We recognize the importance of providing sustainable energy systems in an ever-changing world. Therefore, Moffitt Corporation works tirelessly to research and develop the best natural industrial ventilation technologies.