Data Center Ventilation Design

Increased data centers are being built across the United States every day. These facilities are often bigger and include more units. With those expanded facilities, greater cooling is required. That’s where Moffitt comes in. Our experience in data center ventilation design has helped various facilities keep their buildings cool without exorbitant air conditioning costs. While it might be hard to believe it, those buildings can be kept cool with technology like opening the window. Read on to learn how.

Data Center Ventilation Design

Data Center Ventilation Design

Natural ventilation is the method of cooling a space without powered equipment. For over sixty years Moffitt has been helping facilities lower temperatures the natural way. This experience means that we can look at a facility, be it a steel mill, a factory, or a data center, and find the ideal ventilation solution.

Our team utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to develop these solutions. Whether it’s a brand-new building or a retrofit, our team can develop a thermal model that illustrates how air flows through the building. Furthermore, this works the same whether it’s modeling a molten furnace or racks of servers. Stifling air rises naturally, setting up the ventilation system to facilitate its escape is the key.

These models let a ventilation designer determine the optimal airflow in the building. By balancing the intake and the exhaust, the team can ensure the correct number of air changes required. Finding the optimal balance to keep the cool air flowing is what Moffitt does. Moffitt provides three major solutions.

Natural Ventilation Solutions

Many data centers or data colocation facilities can be kept cool with natural ventilation. A natural ventilation system uses passive exhaust on the roof, like a low-profile MatrixVent natural ventilator, to exhaust the warm air. Wall louvers, like the EcoStream 90, then provide cool, clean air into the building.

This influx of fresh air helps push the warm air up and out through the ceiling. When designed correctly, a natural system can provide continuous cooling any time of day. Additionally, insect guards, ducts, and dampers ensure nothing enters the sensitive space.

Natural ventilation equipment requires no maintenance, uses no operating costs, and produces no noise. These units provide a hassle-free ventilation solution for any facility.

Hybrid Ventilation Solutions

In facilities that sometimes need additional ventilation a Hybrid Ventilation System might be the best option. This includes facilities without as much heat, ones operating at partial capacity, or ones that experience big seasonal differences. A hybrid system still uses natural ventilators for warm air exhaust, but instead of passive intake, it uses wall fans to bring cool air in.

For instance, a Pressure Gravity System might use MatrixVent ventilators for exhaust and PressureStream side-wall fans for powered intake. This increases the airflow through the space and cools the facility even faster. This may be helpful in locations that need more airflow during the summer or in spaces that may operate at peak capacity.

Sidewall fans used for fresh air intake are easier to maintain than roof fans. They are easier to access because they are at ground level instead of on the roof. Additionally, since they handle cool, clean air from the outside, instead of hot dirty air from the roof, they require less maintenance and break down less often.

Powered Ventilation Solutions

With our StreamLine powered ventilation solutions, we can help you find the right fan for your facility as well. Depending on the size, shape, and scope of your facility you may still require powered exhaust. The team at Moffitt can model that as well. Our team will also help you find the right type and size of fans as well. This will prevent under-powered solutions, or units placed in sub-optimal locations. The right solution may not be the obvious one, so working with Moffitt can make a world of difference.

Data Center Ventilation Design from Moffitt

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for Natural Ventilation, Powered Ventilation, or a Hybrid Ventilation Solution Moffitt can help. With our ventilation design experience and technology, we can help find the ideal solution for your data center. Regardless of which cooling method you choose, choose Moffitt to be your ventilation partner.