Improve airflow and light with Natural Solutions

If your factory feels like a cave, then you need Moffitt. Our team can help you improve airflow and light in your building with natural solutions. All in all, Moffitt will help you create a better work environment with natural solutions.

Improve Airflow & Light If Your Building Feels Like a Cave

In our new video we see how a different caveman is struggling with his building. It’s so dark, hot, and uncomfortable that his employees’ are telling him it feels like a cave. The Caveman doesn’t know what to do at first, but then Moffit shows up to help him see the light. The Caveman learns how to get the hot air out, bring the cool air in, and brighten up the space with natural solutions. In the end, his workers are happier and more productive. Click above to watch the full video for yourself.

This video follows up our first animated video, “Caveman Creativity“. Released 10 years ago, that video showed how the original caveman, Bill Moffitt, discovered natural ventilation for himself. Now, his company is helping other cave dwellers, make their buildings cooler and more comfortable.

Improve Airflow & Light in Your Cave

After more than 60 years our team has seen lots of “caves”. Buildings that desperately need to improve airflow and light for their workers’ comfort. Whether it’s an old building, one that had to make lots of changes over it’s life, or one that is simply expanding too fast, there’s lots of reasons why a building can become hot and dark. Poor conditions can cause a variety of problems for a factory. From poor morale to a safety hazard, hot, dark buildings should be a thing of the stone age.

That’s why we offer a number of natural solutions from ventilators to adiabatic cooling units. Contact us today to learn more about our natural solutions. We’ll show you how we can improve conditions in your cave, and make your employees think you’re the world’s best boss too.

Introduce more airflow and light into your building with Moffitt
Moffitt Comes to the Rescue for Buildings That Feels Like a Cave