Industrial Installation Network with Moffitt Certified Installers

The Moffitt industrial installation network ensures you get an expert ventilation contractor no matter where you are in the United States. Our team vets and trains each Moffitt Certified Installer (MCI) to ensure experience, safety, and security. Moffitt wants you to be comfortable when installing a complex ventilation system onto your plant. That’s where the MCI network comes into play.

Working with a MCI Subcontractor

MCI subcontractors are pre-certified to install specialty ventilation products from Moffitt. This includes natural ventilators like the MatrixVent and evaporative cooling units like the DeltaStream. This also includes wall louvers (EcoStream) and powered equipment like our Model H fans and Air Turnover units. They receive training on different equipment and techniques and receive support during the installation process. Each MCI regularly consults with ventilation engineers to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

The Power of the Industrial Installation Network

This industrial installation network connects our customers with contractors who have experience with ventilation. It also connects contractors with customers that need their expertise. Working with the MCI network brings customers and companies together for superior ventilation solutions. No need to rely on someone who thinks htey can figure it out, get someone who is trained and expereinced for your next solution.

Choosing a Favorite Industrial Contractor

Most building managers have a “favorite” contractor. That person they call whenever they need work on their building. No need to worry. Even if they are not an MCI contractor, we can still help with installation. Our team of Field Supervisors are here to make sure the equipment is installed as specified. They routinely work with long-term MCI partners, as well as new contractors as well. So regardless of your existing relaionships, we can make installation seamless for everyone.

North America Ventilation

Moffitt is one of North America’s leading industrial ventilation companies. We provide turn-key ventilation solutions throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, we’ve also worked with customers around the world. Contact us today to find your nearest MCI industrial contractor.

In conclusion, the MCI Industrial Installation Network, can help you find your ventilation solution no matter where you are in North America.

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