Job Site Fall Safety from Moffitt

Job Site Safety: Did you know?

Job site fall safety needs to be every contractor’s top priority. Knowing the risks and being prepared can prevent a simple slip from causing serious harm. Not only can contractor’s be seriously injured to the point where their livelihood could be ruined, but companies can be in danger if worker’s decide to start a personal injury lawsuit against the job sites’ lack of safety. Worker’s are completely within their right to do so, and you can look here if you personally are looking for an attorney due to a personal injury case. The infographic below breaks down the facts about nonfatal injuries from falls on the job. Workplace safety, especially ladder safety, lift safety, and personal safety, are essential components to the success of Moffitt Mechanical.

Job Site Fall Safety

  1. 33% of fractures are from falls from the same level. Not off a roof or down stands, simply falling down from standing.
  2. 13% of Falls to a lower level are through an existing opening. This is a particularly relevant concern for roofing contractors.
  3. An injury from a fall will you put a worker out of commission for an average of 10 days.

Even non-fatal falls can be catastrophic. For someone in manufacturing or construction, they can cause a serious problem for a worker’s livelihood. They can also be a huge problem for a company if the worker chooses to consult an accident lawyer and requires worker’s compensation, work stoppages, or more. All from simple, often avoidable, falls. Personal injury lawsuits can be long and complex and therefore preventing slip and fall accidents from happening in the first place should always be a priority.

That being said, if you have ever been involved in an accident and you suspect that someone else could be to blame, there is a chance you could be entitled to file a claim for compensation. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to have a serious accident at work, your next step might, therefore, be to find an experienced attorney. Just remember to always do your research first to ensure that legal action is the right option for you.

Additionally, if you have been involved in a fall at work and are considering taking things to court, it might be worth looking into how pending lawsuit loans could help cover your living costs and any other necessities while you wait. Filing suit can be a long and expensive process, so it is best to be mentally and financially prepared.


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