How to Lower Heating Costs

Lower heating costs

Winter is just around the corner. While some parts of the country are seeing record highs, other parts are already seeing unseasonably low temperatures. During this roller coaster weather, and throughout the chilly winter months, facility managers sometimes struggle to keep their buildings warm without running up the electric bill. To help you avoid the excessive costs of heating ventilation, here are a few simple tips on how to lower heating costs and reduce operating costs during cold weather.

Maintenance to Lower Heating Costs

Make sure you are up to date on all heating system maintenance. Routine maintenance will ensure that your heating equipment can withstand any extreme changes in temperature. Furthermore, making repairs when they are needed will keep them from getting worse.

Water Usage

Reduce energy use by setting the water heater to the lowest useful temperature. This will avoid using excess energy that makes the water too hot. This will also prevent the need to run the water while it warms up. An up-to-date and more efficient water heater can make a huge difference in reducing overall water heating and usage.

Automated Controls

Use automated controls to compensate for your building’s temperature changes. Find the right temperature for your building and invest in automated controls. Let sensors determine when its “too cold” instead of the guy that’s always freezing. This will help avoid costly temperature fluctuations as well.

Keep it Closed

It seems pretty obvious but be sure to keep any building openings closed if you plan to use a heating system. This will improve regulation of the facility’s temperature. The same goes for doors, open ducts, wall louvers, and ventilators. Preventing chilly air from entering will ensure your thermostat is reading the interior correctly and not expending energy on unnecessary heating. For Natural Ventilation systems where you have process heat generation to aid in heating your building, make sure you keep your dampers closed.

industrial warehouse air ventilation system pipe on the ceiling, Lower heating costs
Lower heating costs

Natural Heat

Even in the middle of winter, you may find some days when the sun’s natural heat will help with keeping your facility warm. We suggest utilizing daylighting devices to make sure you’re fully taking advantage of sunlight. Use this time to lower the heat, and save on energy, only needing the temperature to go back up after the sun has set.

Moffitt for Lowering Heating Costs

People choose Moffitt because we will help you find the right ventilation solution for your building. If your facility is cold in the winter, then it might be time to give us a call. Moffitt is one of the most trusted names in Ventilation and wall louvers, but we also have decades of experience with industrial heating. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you heat your plant this summer, contact us today!