Metal Forge Ventilator Testimonial

This Forge Ventilator Testimonial is the best way to see how natural ventilation can work miracles. Plant Operations Manager Tom Verlihay tells us how Moffitt ventilators made his building cooler and more comfortable overnight.

Metal Forge Testimonial Interview

Forge Ventilator Testimonial
Forge Ventilator Testimonial

In this short testimonial, Tom Verlihay discusses how he saw a temperature drop almost immediately after the installation of natural ventilators.

Using CFD modeling. the design team at Moffitt was able to layout a complete natural ventilation system for the facility. Moffitt then provided the equipment and installed it as well providing a full turn-key solution.

Thanks to Tom Verlihay and the whole team at Viking Forge for their help with this video. Learn more about Viking Forge at Also, special thanks to Larry Violand at AirBTU Products, for his assistance with this project and video.

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