Moffitt 60th Anniversary – Ventilation Sales Expansion

In 1961 Moffitt started as a one-man operation. When it came to ventilation sales Bill Moffitt did it all. Now, sixty years later, Moffitt has a full sales team spread throughout North America. They work on projects around the globe in almost every industry imaginable. As part of our sixtieth anniversary we’re looking at that growth and how our team is poised to grow over the next sixty years.

The Beginning of The Moffitt Sales Team

Bill Moffitt founded what was then called Moffitt Company, Inc., right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sixty years ago. The Pittsburgh steel boom kept Bill busy selling ventilation equipment throughout Pennsylvania. The company was gaining notoriety even though it was still a one-man show. Bill expanded his reach across the mid-west, then the northeast, and finally across the entire United States. Later in the late 1980’s, Bill’s son John joined the team. Now the company was a two-man team which, from the new base in Jacksonville, Florida, provided ventilation solutions to customers coast to coast, and even internationally.

Moffitt North America Sales Map

Moffitt Ventilation Sales Team for 2021

Now, in our sixtieth year, Moffitt is no longer a one-man team. The sales team now includes Regional Sales Managers, District Solutions Providers, Sales Engineers, and more. Above all, these people provide the same customer care Moffitt has always been known for, throughout North America.

Moffitt U.S. District Sales Map
Regional Sales Managers

Firstly, each region of the country is overseen by a Regional Sales Manager (RSM). The RSMs are in the North, South, and West regions of the U.S. Each RSM is located in his or her respective district to offer in-person support for the customers with their first-hand knowledge of the local climate, market concerns, and industries in that area. This allows them to better help each customer find the perfect solution. Our Regional Sales Managers are in constant contact with our sales, engineering, manufacturing, and installation teams. In other words, they are there to follow projects all the way to the finish.

District Solutions Providers

Secondly are what we call our District Solutions Providers. Each District Solutions Provider (DSPs) provides ventilation solutions to their district in North America. Currently there are DSPs in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Monterrey, Mexico. Like the RSMs they are familiar with the industries and environment of their districts, and are located close by to ensure their responsiveness.

Sales Engineers

Finally, comes the Moffitt Sales Engineers (SE). The SE’s support the RSMs and DSPs. They use the information collected by the field sales team to design new ventilation solutions for our customers. They figure out how to optimize the airflow throughout the building and resolve temperature issues. The Sales Engineers then send out the proposals and work hand-in-hand with the sales team to revise the proposals as necessary. The Sales Engineers then remain with the project until the end to ensure the customer is satisfied.

The Moffitt Team

Of course there’s a whole lot more people on the Moffitt team aside from sales. From Accounting to Engineering, Fabrication to Installation, there are dozens of people who work together to help our customers find the best ventilation solution for their projects. You can visit our team page to contact any of our team members directly, find us on LinkedIn, or reach check out the sales map above to find the sales person for your district.

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