Why Moffitt Ventilation? What People are Saying.

Why Moffitt ventilation? We feel like there’s lots of reasons to choose us. Reasons such as our almost sixty years of experience, the quality of our products, the efficiency of our installation team, or the impact of our service start to finish. But instead of hearing it from us, you can hear what people are saying about Moffitt and ventilation.

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Randy Oehrlein

“The temperature has dropped, sometimes at 2 in the afternoon its cooler inside the foundry than it is outside. Which is remarkable. I had people thank for me for putting them in, people asking why you didn’t do this years ago? Definitely recommend it to other foundry and forge operations

Jim Bell

“It was a pleasure working with Moffitt . In my past 20 years of being around the steel mills I haven’t put anything in beside Moffitt ventilators.

Tom Verlihay

“The whole building has definitely quickly visited, in temperature. It was a very seamless project. Moffitt was responsible for the entire project, and it made painless from our standpoint.

Albert Varner

“It’s much cooler. I’m going to say at least 15 degrees. These guys are happy. I would recommend working with Moffitt. It’s a great system and its no cost to run. They open and that’s it. And it’s just letting the heat out.

Gary Overy

“It’s just super nice. Everyone in the plant is very thankful. The group leader said, He wanted to thank the company for making the investment, so we don’t have to wear sponges on our foreheads all day, our clothes aren’t sweaty, its just so much more enjoyable to work. It’ s absolutely the best thing that ever happened. This worked. It worked, it does really, really well for us.

Doug Brady

“It cooled down out there, and our productivity has gone up. We certainly would recommend Moffitt. Not just for the solution they provided but for the way they provided the solution.”

Matt Futkos

“It’s about eliminating that temperature. We would be about 5 degrees cooler inside the plant. If that was prior, you’d be seeing over one hundred degrees in some spots of the plant.

Neal Rainey

“It’s cold in morning when you come in. It’s getting the extra air changes. Knowing that the thermometer says it’s a lower number is great but the real feel, is much lower than what the recorded temperature was. We’re very satisfied with the service and the product.

In conclusion, visit our YouTube page to watch the full testimonial videos for each of these projects. There you can see what some of our past customers have to say about Moffitt Ventilation. We can also help you get in touch with our Moffitt evangelists if you want to see how their solution might help your plant.

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