Vent Repair for Glass Plants

Natural ventilation is really the only solution for heat exhaust in glass plants and glass making facilities. Large ventilators are required to remove the stifling air from the lehrs and furnaces in a glass plant. These vents passively exhaust balmy air for year on end without requiring much care or attention. After a while however, problems do arise. Unfortunately, these problems can be hard to spot if you do not know what to look for. Luckily, Moffitt has the solution for vent repair for glass plants.

vent repair for glass plants

Exhaust fans require repairs several times a year. Belts and gears wear out, fan blades need to be replaced, and electrical wiring shorts. A natural ventilator, however, can go years or even decades without repairs. Unless there is a major incident, one might never know that works is required. That is why periodic vent inspections are so important. They are the only way to catch these issues before they cause bigger problems.

Common Natural Ventilator Problems

Some of the most common problems with ventilation for glass plants include:

  • Exterior sheeting that has come loose and poses the hazard of falling or letting water in.
  • Inoperable & seized dampers or other compromised components
  • Damaged bird screen areas that allow wildlife and debris to enter.
  • Excessive build-up of caustic particulate batch dust.

Each of these issues range can from mild to severe. Small drips or birds getting into the building may just be an inconvenience, but they might also be signs of bigger issues. That is why periodic vent repair for glass plants is so important. Inspections are the best way find these issues before they become big problems.

Vent Repair for Glass Plants

Moffitt has been providing ventilation for glass plants for nearly sixty years. If you think your glass plant might be a ventilation problem, or if it has just been a while since anyone has looked at it, it is time for a vent inspection. Whether it is a MoffittVent, clamshell, or ridge vent we can produce a solution. Furthermore, we conduct on-site inspections and repairs throughout the United States. We service facilities from coast-to-coast from our locations throughout the country. So, wherever you are and whatever your situation, we will design a solution that fits your needs, your schedule, and your budget.

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