Green Retrofitting is the Next Big Thing

As the market for green energy products grows, more business owners are contemplating ways to increase sustainability and reduce their overall environmental impact. For most companies, it is not feasible to move into new, energy-efficient facilities; as a result, green retrofitting is set to be the next big thing for contractors and HVAC professionals. With efficient retrofit natural ventilation solutions, your company can reduce its ecological footprint without uprooting the business or incurring high construction costs.

Cost Savings with Retrofit

Most buildings in the United States were constructed before sustainability was a mainstream concern; chances are, your building is not designed with efficiency in mind. Whether you run a large or small business, the impacts of an inefficient building can be far-reaching. They can affect everything from operating costs to your ac carbon footprint to employee health. The nationwide impact is staggering, as commercial buildings are responsible for 35 percent of total domestic electricity use.

As businesses and building owners recognize the financial and environmental impact of their buildings, more people are turning to energy-efficient retrofits. For many business owners, the cost-saving potential is reason enough to consider a green retrofit. Most companies spend 30 percent of their total budget on operating costs. With a few simple retrofits, business owners have the potential to cut costs and improve their environmental impact. Customers prefer to spend money with green businesses. Retrofits also have the potential to affect profits and long-term growth.

Green Retrofitting Benefits

The benefits of green retrofits are obvious to most. By updating individual components or entire systems, you can enjoy a savings of up to 35% per year. In a building that measures 50,000 square feet, even a 30% reduction in energy use can lower costs by $25,000. This costs savings can free up a significant amount of capital. Consequently, business can instead invest this capital into business growth.

Government agencies, insurance companies, and financial experts are taking notice of the economic and environmental potential of green retrofitting. As a result, they are tackling one of the biggest impediments to the process: cost. Demand for turn-key solutions will increase in the coming years. As a result, Companies will be able to retrofit their buildings with minimal effort on their part.

HVAC Retrofits

When it comes to choosing a specific retrofit, HVAC is a common place to start. Heating, cooling, and ventilation can account for up to 70 percent of a building’s total energy use. By installing updated ventilation products, you can increase the efficiency of your building system. In general, systems more than 10 years ago can benefit from a retrofit, either partial or full.

Updated HVAC systems make it easier to integrate automated building controls, which enable owners to control the system from anywhere in the world. Building automation helps companies regulate the amount of power they use, spot inefficiencies, and tailor an energy-use schedule that reduces environmental impact without sacrificing performance. Automated ventilation systems help ensure that your building stays at the optimal temperature, which prevents dangerous temperature extremes.

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