Better Than Ambient Natural Cooling

As summer temperatures get higher achieving better than ambient conditions indoors gets more important. Achieve those temperatures with a DeltaStream adiabatic cooling system. Use the natural cooling properties of water to reduce building temperatures 30° or better than ambient.

The DeltaStream natural cooling unit can make a world of difference during the sizzling summer months. Plant owners are always glad they made the investment when the temperatures start to rise. What better way to keep your workers happy than by keeping them cool? If you haven’t looked at adiabatic cooling in a while, it’s time to take another look.

What is Adiabatic Cooling?

DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit
Better Than Ambient

An adiabatic cooling system utilizes running water, fans, and a cellulose medium to cool down air. The introduction of moving water over the cardboard like pads makes for a cooled surface. The fans then push air through this medium, cooling it in the process. Next, the cooler air is then introduced into the work area, lowering the surrounding temperatures.

Now this is just an overview, the actual process is more complex. This article from Wikipedia does an excellent job of thoroughly explaining the adiabatic process. If you have further questions regarding the science, please contact our team to learn more.

DeltaStream – The Moffitt Difference

If the system above sounds familiar it may be because the DeltaStream is like an old-fashioned “swamp cooler”. However, we say “similar” because the DeltaStream is generations more advanced than old fashioned “swamp coolers”. Each DeltaStream unit features superior equipment like direct drive motor fans and aluminum housing. It also utilizes advanced hygiene features like self-cleaning water reservoirs and UV lights.

Furthermore, when a DeltaStream is used in conjunction with an integrated building control system it can improve energy efficiency. Automatically set the temperature and humidity limits and the unit will activate and deactivate as needed. The same control system can also be connected to ventilators like the TriadVent or a make up air unit. This integration helps equalize conditions throughout the day, keeping the facility as comfortable as possible.

Better Than Ambient

In conclusion, you don’t have to settle for a factory that is 10° or 20° hotter than it is outside. You don’t even have to settle for temperatures equal to outside just because air conditioning is impractical for your building. Achieve “better than ambient” conditions with a DeltaStream and see the temperature drop below what it is outside. Some instance, this can mean temperatures are up to 30° or lower.

Contact our team today to get started on your DeltaStream project today. Just tell us where you’re located, what you do, and what your building looks like. You can also ask about a CFD model to really see the impact a natural adiabatic cooling can have.