See More with Natural Daylighting

At Moffitt, most of our natural ventilators provide the “secret” added benefit of natural daylighting. As each vent exhausts your building’s hot air, they also let in ample day light. This can make a huge difference in a giant building that often feels dark and can make workers feel claustrophobic. Read on to see how you can take advantage of this secret benefit next time you upgrade your ventilation system.

Secret Natural Daylighting Ventilators

Two of our most popular ventilators offer this secret benefit. The MatrixVent reflects light into the building as the sun shines on the aluminum blades. This means even though the opening is “covered” ample lighting still enters. You would be surprised at how much natural light can actually enter through this way. Furthermore, some units like the MoffittVent, can be customized to provide extra lighting with translucent sheeting.

Sometimes, Daylighting is Not So Secret

Some of our ventilators have even more obvious daylighting power. For instance, the TriadVent provides daylight through the unobstructed opening when activated, and through a transparent window when its closed. This unit is similar to an openable skylight. So much so that many customers actually replace their old skylight units with TriadVent ventilators.

LightStream hinged window
Natural Daylighting with the LightStream

Additionally, the LightStream is essentially a wall of windows that can be opened to improve air flow. It can be placed low on the side wall to let fresh air in, or high on the wall, or on the roof, to let hot air out. Open or closed these units let in plenty of natural daylighting.

The Benefits of Natural Daylighitng

Workers are more comfortable and productive when they can see daylight. Even a well-lit building can’t compete with the power of natural daylight. Whether it’s the extra vitamin D or just feeling connected with the world, daylight makes people, including workers, happier.

Additionally, extra lighting can also improve safety in your plant. An extra light source helps eliminate dark spots that may exist between lights. Natural daylight can illuminate a much larger area than a series of hanging lights.

Powered Lighting + Natural Daylighting

Of course, there are a lot of variables when dealing with natural lighting there are a lot of variables that will alter the light level. Clouds in the sky, angle of the sun throughout the day, season of the year, and building location all impact the amount of sunlight. Our vents probably won’t be sufficient to allow you to replace your current powered lighting system,

Fortunately, our ventilators are always installed well above the lighting system. That way, your current lighting system will never be impacted. That means you don’t have to choose between seeing when it’s dark out and experiencing natural daylighting.

Moffitt and Natural Daylighting

Time after time our customers are amazed at how much daylight our vents let into the building. They have said it feels like a whole new plant and that it really makes a difference day to day. Contact us today to see how Moffitt can help make your building brighter and more comfortable today.