Methods for a Moffitt Ventilator Install

Moffitt is the only contractor that specializes in natural ventilator install. This includes installation for the Moffittvent, MatrixVent, and more. Every factory, mill, and warehouse are different and as a result requires different ventilation. With over 55 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. Over this time, we’ve developed a variety of strategies for ventilation equipment installation for every type of facility.

Innovation in Installation

low-profile natural ventilator
Ventilator Install

One of our most popular and most versatile products is a low-profile natural ventilator. Customers choose it for its light-weight aluminum construction and low-profile design. Furthermore, the vent’s light weight makes it a good fit for any building’s roof. In conclusion for gravity ventilation the vent’s efficiency is unmatched.

The MatrixVent can fit many building types and requirements. Installation strategies for every building type are available. Below are three of the main ventilator install strategies.

  1. Install the MatrixVent directly onto the roof. Hoist the individual components with a fork truck or a crane, then assemble the vents in place over the roof opening.
  2. Assemble the vent at grade and hoist it onto the roof over the pre-cut opening. Raise the vent as a single unit (or in sections) and place over the pre-cut roof opening.
  3. Assemble the unit on the ground and hoist onto the roof. Next, cut the opening around the newly placed vent.

Furthermore, each of these methods has its drawbacks. Roof installation requires extra crane safety precautions. This can make installation longer and more complicated. On the upside this process requires a smaller lift or crane as it is hoisting components instead of a large, completed device. This can be a big logistical and cost difference.

Meanwhile, assembling equipment on the ground makes the installation process quicker, easier, and safer. Of course, the downside is that you will need a larger crane to lift the finished unit. Minor construction modifications will also be required to assist with hoisting. This method is often best for a facility with a smaller roof and a large area around the building suitable for staging.

Ventilator Install FAQs

At Moffitt, we recommend you think about installation as early in the process as possible. Talk with a sales representative about any obstacles or challenges to anticipate during installation. Consider the following.

  • Is speedy installation a concern?
  • Is the roof peaked, flat, or single sloped? If sloped, what is the angle of the slope?
  • What is the roof material? How difficult will it be to cut the opening in the roof?
  • Is the roof large enough to stage all the equipment?
  • Are there roof obstructions or extra material to penetrate?
  • What ventilation equipment do you currently have?
  • Is there a lot of rain or harsh weather in the area?

Care and attention to detail are part of what make Moffitt the ventilation contracting experts. Whether it’s buying it off the shelf or full ventilator install, we can help. We’ve done it all in the field of gravity ventilation so we’re ready for whatever your building has to offer. We strive to find the best solution for each project and are constantly developing new techniques to make the process quicker, easier, and more efficient. It’s another reason we’ve been ventilation’s natural solution since 1961.