DeltaStream USA map – Adiabatic Cooling

At Moffitt we’ve seen natural cooling work wonders in buildings and cities across the country. Often in places where people were very skeptical. The trick is the power of adiabatic cooling, and how it is different from the traditional evaporative cooling. We have designed the DeltaStream USA map to help people see how impactful the DeltaStream adiabatic cooling system will be in their area.

Follow the instructions below to use the DeltaStream map.

  1. Zoom in on the closest point to your city.
  2. Click on the map point to bring up location details.
    DeltaStream map highlight
  3. Review humidity, temperature, and temperature impact at that location.
  4. Contact the Moffitt team to learn more.
  5. Finally, you can click the expand button on the top right to see the map full screen.

Our team made this tool using Google Maps, and while it is a good representation of temperatures and conditions throughout the country, it may not exactly represent the impact of adiabatic cooling in your area. Factors including, but not limited to, industry, building layout, and process can change how adiabatic cooling works in your facility. Contact the Moffitt team today if you have any questions about the DeltaStream USA map or how effective the DeltaStream will be in your area.