Viking Metal Forge Testimonial

Natural Ventilation for Industrial Manufacturing

Watch our Metal Forge Testimonial at Viking Forge to see how Moffitt Natural Ventilation, and low-profile natural ventilators, lowered temperatures in this plant.

In this testimonial, Tom Verlihay discusses the benefits of a Moffitt Natural Ventilation system. He explains how the new system has lowered temperatures throughout the forge building. This had a number of benefits including cooler temperatures, more reliable climate conditions, and improved worker productivity.

Above all, special thanks to Tom and Viking Forge for providing this testimonial. Learn more about Viking Forge at

With temperatures as high as 130°F, Viking Forge was simply too hot. It was a harsh environment that was utterly inhospitable to the crew. As a result, Moffitt designed a natural ventilation system for the new facility to improve air flow and reduce temperatures.

The new system consists of eight low-profile natural ventilators seven wall louvers to provide much-needed airflow. In addition, the switch to natural ventilation also meant the elimination of operating and maintenance costs that come with running exhaust fans.

In conclusion, the low-profile vents effectively exhaust hot air in the summer. The building sees temperature drops of 30° or more throughout the plant.

Natural Ventilation for Industrial Spaces

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