Moffitt 60th Anniversary – Commercial Products

Sixty years ago, Bill Moffitt saw companies in need of natural ventilation solutions. As a result, he started Moffitt Corporation to provide these customers with natural ventilation solutions. Over time, these products found a home in a variety of heavy industrial facilities. Then as the years went on, buildings like commercial spaces came looking for natural ventilation solutions as well. These products are now part of Moffitt’s commercial ventilation solutions.

Commercial Ventilation Solutions
DeltaStream Commercial Ventilation Solutions

Moffitt commercial solutions products are used in facilities big and small. Everything from manufacturing and warehousing to education and offices. Some products, like a GreenRoo turbine vent or an UpBlast fan are equally suited for commercial as well as industrial spaces. Others are ideal for the commercial market. Below are just a few of the products that Moffitt sells to the commercial marketplace.


The Firex heat and smoke vent is an emergency ventilator that opens automatically in case of fire. It is FM rated and certified as a life-safety device. Fire vents lie the Firex are required in the building code of certain locations around the country. Sold for over sixty years, the Firex is used in a variety of facilities including warehouses, factories, and educational spaces. It is an extremely popular product in commercial facilities.


Finally, we come to the DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit. The DeltaStream is ideal for either industrial or commercial environments. It is a terrific way for facilities to achieve sub-ambient temperatures without air conditioning. This device uses adiabatic cooling technology, in which it adds chilly water to the air as it enters the airstream to lower the temperature of the building. New for 2021, the DeltaStream is the next evolution of evaporative cooling. The DeltaStream works great in smaller commercial spaces such as storerooms or assembly areas as well as larger heavy industrial facilities like forges and foundries.

Complete Ventilation Solutions

For over six decades Moffitt has been on the lookout for fresh solutions to best meet our customers’ needs. While natural ventilation and the industrial market has always been our focus, we are proud to be able to offer our expertise to the commercial market as well. That’s because Moffitt is more than just large ventilators or exhaust fans. Moffitt is about complete natural ventilation solutions.