Moffitt EcoStream 90˚ Wall Louvers

All EcoStream wall louvers provide ample fresh intake air while standing up to the harshest environments of various industrial applications. At the same time, they also provide a maximum free area and minimal pressure drop. Moffitt industrial wall louvers only require electricity when switched on. As a result they are a passive intake solution in that they require no energy to operate. Along with a roof ventilator, EcoStream wall louvers are the key to a natural ventilation system.

 EcoStream 90˚ Wall Louver Models

  •  LV7090 – Our LV7090 wall louvers have blades that are approximately 15” deep and extend beyond the louver jambs when open. They range in size from 12” wide x 38” high to 72” wide and 128” high, giving you multiple options for your building. Depending on the conditions the louvers will be under, clients have the choice of aluminum or stainless-steel material, along with framing and screening features.
  • LV7590 – As another model of our adjustable 90˚ wall louvers, the LV7590 has a 6” deep channel frame, a minimum size of 12” wide x 23” high and a max of 60” wide x 96” high, heavy-duty bearings, and self-lubricating nylon. The blades stay within the louver jambs, whether the unit is open or closed.
  • LV9090 – The LV9090 has a sleek look in mind while still maintaining durability. Full opening 90˚ blades, mill finish, bird screen compatible, and many more standard features you’ll also find on the LV7590 and LV7090. Plus, since the blades don’t extend beyond the outer building wall louver this unit has the best of both worlds.

Our wall louver windows provide a range from 70% to 90% free area, making them highly efficient. While they are certainly architecturally aesthetically pleasing, durability in an industrial environment is the top priority. They can withstand heavy-duty wear and tear as well as severe weather conditions. They are for buildings with high heat applications, areas where large volumes of air are required, and facilities that routinely see a lot of activity.

 Moffitt Industrial Wall Louvers

At Moffitt, our intake air ventilation is as much of a priority to our team as exhaust air ventilation. The EcoStream industrial wall louvers are vital components of our larger wall louver product line. Our complete line of wall louvers is accompanied by state-of-the-art ventilation equipment. They provide full-opening area, maximum drain ability, and daylighting. We rigorously test all of our louvers beforehand to allow our team to make any changes pre-installation.