Introducing the TriadVent Natural Flap Ventilator

The TriadVent is the three-way solution for building ventilation. This natural flap ventilator provides ventilation when the flaps are open, rain protection when the flaps are closed, and natural day lighting all the time. While a TriadVent may look small, it can have an enormous impact on your building. A few TriadVent ventilators, as part of a Moffitt designed natural ventilation or hybrid ventilation system, can exhaust massive amounts of stifling air from your building. When placed correctly, just a handful of vents can make a stark difference in your plant.

Natural Flap Ventilator

Natural Ventilation with the TriadVent

The TriadVent™ provides low-energy natural ventilation for heavy commercial and light industrial facilities. Plants in a variety of industries take advantage of dual-flap ventilators. This includes automotive manufacturing plants, paper mills, metal forming and shaping plants, agricultural facilities, and more. Time after time, the work-floor staff is surprised at the impact a simple ventilator can have.

The key is the free-air opening. By opening to the sky, the vent provides unobstructed warm air exhaust. This allows the heat from the process, the equipment, and the workers to escape instead of building up. Then, in the event of inclement weather, the auto-closing hatches activate before rain enters. The TriadVent integrates with your building management systems or independent rain sensors. The unit activates so quickly that it closes before any moisture enters the building.

Each TriadVent provides natural daylighting. This is sunlight directly from the sky when open, and light through the translucent flap panels when closed. We like to think of it as a skylight that doubles as a natural ventilator. In fact, it’s really the ultimate skylight replacement.

Skylight Replacement

The TriadVent™ is easy to install. In fact, if you currently have skylights, it’s a simple as replacing your current units. Each unit is similar in size to the standard skylight, making it the ideal replacement for facilities that require ventilation in addition to daylight. The vents can be built to fit into the current openings and will require little to no additional work to install.

If you don’t currently have skylights, the installation process is still relatively easy. The small openings, relative other ventilators, along with the Moffitt team’s 60+ years of experience, mean don’t have to worry about the installation process. Your roof is safe in Moffitt’s hands.

If you have any questions about how a TriadVent would fit into your roof call our team today. Our Sales Team and Design Engineers can help find the solution to get the new vents installed quickly and correctly.

Vent System Design

Knowing that you need natural ventilation is the first step. Finding the best natural ventilation solution is where Moffitt comes in. The Moffitt team can look at your building and your process and help you find the ideal equipment layout. They can show you where to locate each vent for maximum effectiveness. They can also help you determine what kind of air intake is required to insure maximum efficiency. Full-system design is the benefit you get when you choose Moffitt.