Natural Ventilation for Data Centers

Most data centers have servers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When the resultant heat is not properly ventilated, the computers will inevitably overheat. From outages to broken equipment, the consequences of a hot data center are simply too grave. That’s why a data center needs an efficient, reliable cooling system to keep the system safe. Natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation systems are the best way to do this.

Natural Ventilation is the Modern Solution

Many data center managers are turning to natural ventilation to cool their data centers. When designed correctly, natural ventilation systems offer a steady flow of cool air without interruption. The cool air flows through the hot section to push the heat up and out of the ceiling through a ventilator. This can work in either a “hot aisle” or “cool aisle” system. Alternatively, installing fans on the wall of the building increases intake air at the floor level.

The Right Solution for Your Data Centers

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If exhaust fans are no longer keeping your facility cool enough and you’re looking for an alternative, think of a Hybrid Ventilation System. A Hybrid system, like the Pressure Gravity System® used in many other data centers, has proven to be an effective solution. This system utilizes a low-profile natural ventilator, like the MatrixVent, paired with intake wall fans.

This system introduces cool outside air into the building. Firstly, wall fans force a supply of intake air at ground level. Next, this air flows through the building to cool the servers cool. Finally, the warm air naturally exhausts through the roof ventilator. This solution is more efficient and eliminates the need for roof exhaust fans.

Natural ventilation for data centers has proven to be beneficial in many ways. This system keeps the building cool throughout the day. It is energy efficient throughout the year. Above all, it will effectively keep the temperature under control at a fraction of the cost of traditional HVAC systems.

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